Sample Ballots paper Matpatra Namuna, Chunab Matpatra Namuna published by the election commission. Two Models Namuna of Matpatra Ballots published by Nirwachan Aayog Election Commission. Although the actual ballot papers of each district are published by the Commission’s office & the printing of ballot papers is also started for the local level member election on Chaitra 30, 2079.

Namuna Matpatra Ballots Matpatra Chunab Chinha sample ballots Are given below. Sample ballot paper Namuna Matpatra Sample ballot of All 77 districts & local levels. District Wise Matpatra Ballots are given below.

Matpatra Namuna Ballot Sample

Namuna Matpatra Ballot Model Nepal Election Chunab chinha Matpatra Namuna

Matpatra Namuna Chunab Chinha Namuna

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