Voter ID Card Online check. How To Check Voter Name Lists. How to Check your Voter ID Name lists. Chunab Name lists, Matadata Namawoli Check process. Election Commission, Nepal published the Voter Name lists Voter ID name lists details. Nirwachan Aayog Voter Name lists details. The Election Commission prepares a new voter list with photographs from the details of all Nepali citizens who have reached the age of 18 and are eligible to become voters.

Check Your Voter Name lists details from Here. Check Your Voter ID & Matadan Kendra Details below. The election commission, Nepal provides electronic portals to check voter name lists, voter centers, and voter id details of all over Nepal.

How to Check Voter Name Lists Voter ID Details Voter Chunab Matadan Kendra Center details

  1. Open website portal in your web browser
  2. Click Matadata Namawali Menu in the right side of the Website
  3. Choose your Province Prades, Districts, Local Level Name, Ward Number details & Voter Center name.
  4. After filling up all the above data, click submit button to view voter name lists voter id lists details.

Check Your Voter ID Name Lists Matadata Parichaya Patra Online Check

=> Check Your Voter Name Lists Voter ID Card Lists Election Center

  1. Who is called a voter?
    A person whose name is registered in the voter list is called a voter.
  2. What is voter registration?
    Voter roll is the list of integrated rolls containing personal details including photo of the voter using computer technology.
  3. What qualifications are required to be a voter?
    The following qualifications are required to be a voter.
    (A) Nepali citizen,
    (B) 18 years of age,
    (C) Permanently residing in the concerned ward of the Village Development Committee or Municipality within a constituency and
    (D) Name registered in the voter list.
  4. Why are the details of Nepali citizens who have reached the age of 16 collected?
    The details of the citizens who have reached the age of 16 have been collected as the national identity card will be made electronically so that the full identity of the Nepali citizens who have obtained Nepali citizenship after reaching the age of 16 will be revealed.

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