Apply Embossed Number Plate Online. Online Embossed Number Plate Application Process. The Department of Transport Management has issued a notice to make it mandatory to affix embossed number plates on all vehicles from Shrawan 1. At present, the department has made it clear that the plate will be mandatory only for new and renamed vehicles and will be extended to others.

What is an embossed number plate?

The number plate used to manage vehicles is called an embossed number plate. It is a system of placing numbers and letters on a metal plate by mechanical means. The lettering and number of the embossed number, which is different from the current one, is raised above the surface of the plate.

Apply Embossed Number Plate Online How To Get Embossed Number Plate

The technology chips on the number plate also contain vehicle details and vehicle details. Based on which, the police can get the details of the vehicle immediately. The embossed number plate can be easily checked by the reader machine carried by the police. Smart Blue – Book and embossed number system will make it easier for the police to check vehicles.

Vehicle theft is controlled after embossed number plate is implemented. Because once the number is entered, it will be ‘fixed’ and cannot be changed. It stays the same for 10 years. The number plate of the vehicle is mentioned on the outside of this number plate. Which everyone can easily see. The letters on the plate stand out. It will be strong and affordable. This number plate cannot be removed once connected. That is why no one can steal a car and drive it.

How to get an embossed number plate? Online Process to Get Embossed Plate

  1. To get the embossed number, go to the website of the Department of Transportation and fill up the online form. (Link Given below)
  2. To do this, click on the ‘Embossed Number Plate System’ on the right side of the screen on the website.
  3. Among the various options that appear on the screen, in the last one, click on the ‘Apply online’ option at the specified place.
  4. After that a new window opens. Click on the ‘Get Started’ option on the right side of the screen.
  5. Then fill in the details required by the system.
  1. In the case of old number plates issued from zones, other than the place where the office code should be kept;
  2. The issued province or zone, vehicle lot code, classification and number should be kept.
  3. You will then receive a verification code via your mobile number and email.
  4. Then fill in the vehicle details and personal details.
  5. You will then be taken to the next stage of the application.
  6. Where you have to submit a picture of documents including your blue book, citizenship or passport, payment voucher, vehicle tax payment voucher.
  7. Then click on the Next option, verify all the information and go to the right side of the screen to apply and click on submit.
  8. An embossed number is obtained after completing all these procedures.
  9. You can take the embossed number received and go to the concerned transport office and attach your embossed number plate.

Embossed Number Plate Price & Connection charges

  1. The Department of Transport Management has a fixed connection fee of Rs 2,500 for motorcycles,
  2. Rs 2,900 for three-wheelers,
  3. Rs 3,200 for four-wheelers and medium vehicles
  4. Rs 3,600 for heavy vehicles.

Embossed Number Plate Place to connect- Where to Go connect Embossed Plate

The department has made arrangements at the Transportation Management Office (Motorcycle) Gurjudhara for two wheelers, Vehicle Testing Office for small and medium four wheelers, Transportation Management Office for Teku and Large Vehicles, Ekantakuna, Lalitpur. Similarly, for government vehicles, embossed number plates can be attached by going to the Department of Transportation, Min Bhawan.

Similarly, necessary work can be done by going to the Transport Management Office (Vehicle), Pokhara under Gandaki Pradesh.

  • For online application open the link or you can link from DOTM website You will need to click on the “Get Started” link.
  • Once you fill up the number click on Send SMS. You will receive a code on that phone via SMS. Enter the verification code and click on continue. 
  • If you do send email, you should receive an email shortly with a verification code. Enter the code the same way you did for the SMS notification. This is optional, So If you do not wish to enter your email, you may click on the “Skip” button
  • Clicking on the “Next” button again will take you to the Submit screen where you can check the information you have entered before clicking on the “Submit” button located on the top right corner.

=> Click Here to Apply for an Online Embossed Number Plate

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