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TSC License exam model questions answer sheet. TSC license exam important questions answer. TSC Model Questions paper Collection with Answer Key. TSC Exam Preparation helpful materials for the examiner. All the Answer key details are also given below.

TSC License Exam Important Questions Answer Paper TSC License Exam Model Questions Answer

Teaching license sample exam

  1. How many rights related to education of rural municipality or municipality are mentioned in section 11 (2) of Local Government Management Act 2074?
    a) 17
    b) 31
    c) 23
    d) 22
  2. The structure of education recommended by the National Higher Education Commission Report 2055
    Which of the following?
    a) 3+4+3
    b) 5+2+3
    c) 5+3+2+2
    d) 8+4
  3. According to teacher competency model 2072, how many competencies have been determined for teachers?
    a) 5
    b) 9
    c) 8
    d) 10
  4. The National Primary Education Program (2014/15-2019/20) has emphasized on the development of reading skills of which class of children?
    a) Class 1-2
    b) Class 1-3
    c) 4-5
    d) 1-5

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TSC License Exam Questions Paper Answer sheet:

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  1. When was the school social examination criteria 2078 approved by the education level decision?
    a) B.S. 2078/02/26
    b) B.S. 26/03/2078
    c) B.S. 2078/02/30
    c) B.S. 2078/02/31
  2. School improvement plan What kind of plan is made in the school?
    b) regular
    b) periodic
    c) Long term
    (d) Short term
  3. “Curriculum is a plan of learning” This statement is from which curriculum pedagogy?
    a) Hilda Tawa b) Ko & Ko
    c) Tyler
    d) John Dewey
  1. How much time has been fixed daily for reading and developmental activities in the curriculum of early childhood development and education 2077?
    a) 4 hours 30 minutes
    b) 4 hours
    c) 3 hours 30 minutes
    d) 4 hours 15 minutes
  2. According to Shiksha Vid Kobun, most learning comes from which of the following?
    a) Sight
    b) Hearing 10.
    d) taste
  3. Which age group is referred to as creative age?
    a) Early infancy
    b) Infant stage
    c) Answer childhood stage
    d) Early childhood stage
  4. What name do parents call the pre-childhood state?
    a) Preschool age
    b) The age of imitation
    c) touch

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