Nepal Army published vacancy notice regarding Officer Cadet post. The application has been called for the appointment of a vacant officer cadet in the Nepalese Army through an open and inclusive competition. Officer Cadet Adhikrit Cadet second lieutenant job vacancy by Nepal Army. Nepal Army published officer cadet Adhikrit Cadet Lieutenant Job Vacancy Notice in various number. Qualified Nepalese citizens are invited to submit their application form by submitting their application form online at along with a pint of the application form, at the prescribed enrollment center.

Nepal Army, Recruitment Selection Directorate, Personnel Department, Battlefield Call for applications for the vacancy post of Officer Cadet Second Lieutenant.

Applications have been invited for the vacant officer cadet post in the Nepal Army through open and inclusive competition. Eligible Nepali citizens are invited to submit online applications from the official website of Nepal Army

Total Vacancy Number: 229
Date and place of submission of application:
Application Date: 2080/07/17 to 2080/08/16
the double fee will be 7 more days from 2080/08/17 to 2080/08/23

Required Documents for Nepal Army Job Application
Nepali Citizenship Details
Personal Details
Education Details
Family Details
Digital Copy of Passport Size Photograph (mandatory)

Please read the advertisement carefully before applying online. Since it is easy to apply online, please fill in all the necessary details yourself and submit the application only by reading the details of the form that comes at the end. Also, if the details you fill in are incorrect, your application will be automatically cancelled.

By clicking on the Start Online Application button below, you will be deemed to have agreed to the following terms and conditions.

I have thoroughly studied all the details regarding this recruitment process required in Nepal Army. All the details I have filled in this application are correct. If I am found to be a liar, I am ready to face the punishment according to the prevailing law of Nepal government. Also, I will be responsible if the information I filled in is wrong and I am not able to proceed to the admission selection process.

Nepal Army Officer Cadet Adhikrit Vacancy Nepal Army Mil Job Apply Online Application Officer Cadet

Educational Qualification For Officer Cadet:
– Must have passed Certificate Level or equivalent / Graduate Level or equivalent
– After the implementation of the grading system, in the case of a candidate who has passed the Secondary Education Passing Examination (SLCE), a minimum of D + and CGPA 1.6 in each of the subjects of class 11 and 12 (theoretical and experimental) will be considered as having obtained the relevant educational qualification.
Age limit:
– In case of having certificate level or similar educational qualification, the last date to submit the application should be 18 years on 2079/06/29 and not less than 21 years.
– In case of having bachelor level or similar educational qualification, the last date to submit the application should be on the date of 2079/06/29 and not less than 24 years of age.
– In case of reinstated military candidates, the last date for submission of application should be less than 26 years.

Documents required to be included with the application:
A. Certificate of Nepali citizenship.
B. Certificate of SLC / SEE, Certificate of Character and Original / Provisional Certificate.
C. Certificate Level (10 + 2) Transcript, Character Certificate and Original / Provisional Certificate.
D. Transcript (Character Certificate), Certificate of Character and Original / Provisional Certificate in case of graduation.
E . In addition to the Universities of Nepal, those who have obtained a degree from other boards and universities must submit a photocopy of the equivalent degree obtained from a recognized book of equivalence published by TRIVV and also a certificate of migration (transfer).

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