Murrah Buffalo Sale Notice in Nepal. Murra Buffalo Price in Nepal. Technical Education and Vocational Training Council Madanpokhara Polytechnic School Notice regarding the sale of Murrah Buffalo Bhaise. As the Murrah Bhaisi & Male Pado of this school are to be sold through auction (bidding process), interested persons or firms must pay the amount paid by them within 7 (seven) days (office hours on 28/02/2080) from the date of the first publication of this notice.

(Not reduced from the minimum base price) This notice is published for the information of all concerned to submit the application in a confidential manner, clearly mentioned in numbers and letters. Milk production by one Murrah buffalo per day 8 Liters to 12 liters/day

Buffalo female
-(Cast- Murra, second crop not grown)
Buffalo Male- Pado (caste- Murra, age 2 years)
Minimum Base Rate Price: 75000/- (Seventy five thousand only)

The sealing application must be registered in this office on 28/02/2080 by 5:00 o’clock office time.

The applications registered in this way will be opened in the school administration on 29/02/2080 at 1:00 p.m. and even if the applicant is not present, there will be no obstacle to open the application.

After the approval of the seal application, the animal must be picked up after depositing the payment amount within seven days.

Murrah Buffalo Milk Per Day

Milk production by one Murrah buffalo per day 8 Liters to 12 liters/day

The Murrah Buffalo mentioned in the quantity list for sale should be collected in one lump sum. Partially accepted and late and late applications will be invalid.

  • Murrah Bhaise Buffalo for sale can be viewed during office hours.
  • The person who wishes to submit the application must submit a copy of the Nepali citizenship certificate and the firm must submit a copy of the license certificate.
  • The item to be sold must be moved in the same condition as it is. Conditionally submitted
  • This office will reserve all rights to accept or reject the application. Other than what is mentioned in it, other things will be according to the prevailing laws and regulations.

Application Submitted Venue: Madanpokhara Polytechnic School, Tansen 09, Palpa.
For detailed information: 075-412127, 9857871218, School administration

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