Mahila Uddhami Free Anudan Grant application open by Bagmati Pradesh Sarkar. Government Sarkari Anudan Grant Application for New Uddhami Persons to open production manufacturer factory. Bagmati Pradesh Government, Ministry of Social Development, Hetaunda notice regarding submission of applications by women entrepreneurs. According to the approved annual program of this Ministry for the current financial year 2080/81, there is a program to provide seed capital to 13 women entrepreneurs in Bagmati province in the form of technical support.

In accordance with section 4 of Women’s Entrepreneurship Development Financial Access, Capital Support and Technology Support Program Operating Procedures 2077, interested women entrepreneurs should apply for technology support at the relevant local level with the following documents within fifteen days (2080/06/25) from the date of publication of this notice has been published.

Documents to be submitted by women entrepreneurs and women entrepreneurs groups along with the application as per schedule 1 format of the procedure:

  1. Certificate of Industrial Business Registration or Renewal
  2. Permanent Account Number PAN or Certificate of Value-Added Tax Registration
  3. Proof of tax filing or tax payment certificate
  4. Professional license as required
  5. Business plan
  6. The requested technology and the capability of that technology.
    The names and evaluation bases of the applicants requested by the concerned local level for technical support must be sent to the Ministry on the day after the end of the period of publication of the notice i.e. 16th (2080/06/26) and based on the documents attached with the applications, one female entrepreneur according to section.
  7. This Notice informs you to recommend and send to this ministry within 15 days (2080/07/10) from the date of expiry of the deadline for selection and application. In addition, Women’s Entrepreneurship Development Financial Access Support Capital and Technology Support Program Operation Procedure, 2073 Ministry’s website www.mosd bagamati.

Last Date To apply: 2080 Ashwin 26
Anudan Grant: Cash & Technology Transfer for Woman Enterprunership

Note: All 119 local levels use this information as a basis for women’s entrepreneurship development, financial access support, capital and technology support
It is requested to conduct the work according to the program operation procedures, 2077. Hence the opposite of this procedure
If two or more women entrepreneurs are recommended by the local level and sent after the expiry of the notification period
The women entrepreneurs i.e. applicants who have been sent will not be included in the evaluation.

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