Class 12 Retotaling Form Punaryog Form application details. NEB National Examination Board Rastriya Pariksha Board published the application form sample of Class 12 Retotaling Form Punaryog Form. All information and form required for Retotaling are given below.

Retotal application form is now open, if the result is not satisfactory
The National Examination Board has arranged that if you are not satisfied with the results of Class 12, you can get a re-evaluation within 15 days by paying Rs.500 per subject. It has also been arranged that students who are not satisfied can see the answer sheet and re-test.
When the students re-examine the answer sheet, it has been arranged that they will be examined by three new examiners.

If the score obtained by taking the average of the numbers given by three people is 10 percent less or more than the previous one, the previous score will be maintained, but if it is less than or more than 10 percent, the new score will be maintained.

Format of application form for re-use of Class 12 results from Office of Control of Examinations, National Board of Examinations

Note: Compulsory/optional/additional optional should be clearly disclosed in the subject. A copy of the Gradesheet slip must be submitted along with this.

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