Government Job Vacancy. Myadi Police Myadi Prahari job vacancy application open for all. Myadi Police Job Vacancy 2078 2079 Update Myadi Prahari Job Vacancy 2079. Myadi Police Job Vacancy advertisement is being prepared for the temporary police personnel to be recruited for the Pradesh & Union sangh election security on 2079 Mangsir 4. For the local elections, 1,15,000 Myadi Police temporary personnel 74,000 police manpower and about 1,500 vehicles will be deployed.

About 225,000 security personnel including Nepal Police, Armed Police, and temporary personnel will be deployed. The National Investigation Department and some of the army will also be mobilized. The Ministry of Home Affairs has also stated that the security preparedness action plan required for the local elections has reached the final stage. All the preparations on behalf of the House have been completed.

Myadi Police JOB Vacancy 2079 Update Details Salary & Bonus of Myadi Police

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  1. Vacancy Posts: Myadi Prahari Myadi Police
  2. JOB Vacancy Number: 1,15,0000 Nos. 1 Lakh 15 Thousand Myadi Prahari
  3. Application Form fill up Date: 2079 Bhadra 30 to 2079 Ashwin 06 (10:00 Am to 5:00 Pm)
  4. Contact Date: 2079 Ashwin 07 at form fill up police office
  5. Salary Scale of Myadi Police: Around NRs. 34,760/- salary as a police constable,
  6. Total Salary of 40 days: Nrs. 34,760/-
  7. Bonus Allowances: Clothing allowance Nrs 6,000/-
  8. Food Service: Nrs 7,200/-
  9. Other expense: NRS. 1000 & Khaja 4 days x 300
  10. Myadi Police Training: Training is done from one week to 10 days.
  11. Age Limit: At least 18 Years to 54 Years till the last date of registration of the application form.

Myadi Police Application Form- Myadi Police Aabedan Form Download

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Myadi Police Myadi Prahari Job Vacancy- Minimum qualifications and priorities required

  1. Must be a Nepali citizen;
  2. Not guilty of any criminal offense showing moral turpitude;
  3. Not a member of any political party
  4. Being physically and mentally fit;
  5. Learn to read and write.

Myadi Police Job Vacancy Eligibility Criteria & Priority for recruitment

  1. Former security personnel receiving pension or allowance working in Nepal Army, Nepal Police and Armed Police;
  2. Former forest gurads Ban Rakshak;
  3. Persons applying for recruitment in Nepal Army, Nepal Police and Armed Police Force
  4. Retired Nepali former security personnel working in foreign allied security agencies;
  5. In the past Constituent Assembly and local level elections, temporary police personnel who have been recruited as Myadi Police temporary police officers have done a good job.

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