National Independent Party MP Indira Rana Magar has been elected as Deputy Speaker. On Saturday, the proposal put forward by the MP Sobita Gautam of RSVP to elect him as Deputy Speaker was passed by the majority. In the voting held in the Saturday meeting of the House of Representatives, Indira of the ruling coalition got 166 votes and was elected to the post of Deputy Speaker. In the parliamentary history of Nepal, Indira is the 12th Deputy Speaker.

Indira Rana Magar is a social worker and a founder of Prisoner’s Assistance Nepal, a non-profit organization that takes care of the children, whose parents are incarcerated in the different prisons of Nepal. She is a popular name to the prison authorities of Nepal and has been working for the right of the prisoners who are serving their time in different prisons of Nepal.

Her nonprofit organization has established Ten children home, two schools, and several other social projects to help prisoners and their children.

Who is Indira Rana Magar

Indira is now in her fifties and continuing her journey. Inspiring many other social workers with her service toward the prisoners and their children. She was nominated and won the World’s children prize honorary award in 2014 for her remarkable contribution toward the welfare of the prisoners and their children. She listed in the BBC’s top 100 influential women in 2017. It is one of the most inspirational and influential women from around the world. She honored with various other international awards as below.

  • Ashoka Fellow 2005,
  • Asia 21 Young Leader Public Service Award 2009.
  • a project of International Bridges to Justice in 2010. In the same year, she was again voted by
  • the Boss magazine as the “Best Social Entrepreneur”.

Indira Rana Magar on BBC’s 100 Inspiring Women. Nepal’s Indira Rana Magar is also included in the list of inspirational women selected for the year 2017. He is the founding president of Bandi Saayata Nepal.

NameIndira Rana Magar
Birth NameDunkuri
Father’s NamePratap Sing Ranamagar
Mother’s nameManamaya Ranamagar
Date of Birth6th February 1970
Age50 Years
ChildrenSubani Ranamagar
Popular nameAama
Zodiac SignBrisha | Taurus
Height5.3 Feets
Eye colorBrown
Hair colorBlack

In the year 2027, on the 6th anniversary of Jhapa, Pratapsingh and Manmaya Magar’s youngest daughter, Indira Ranamargar has succeeded in becoming the winner of the Ballard Children’s Prize 2014 Honorary Award of the ‘World’s Children’s Prize’ given by the ‘World’s Children’s Foundation’ in Sweden. Indira Bandi is the president of the ‘Prisoners Assistance Nepal’ organization that works in the education of children of parents.

Born in 2027 on Shaniswore-6 in Jhapa, Indira won the Ashok Fellow in 2005 for her social service. She is taking care of 28 children in a children’s home in Nayabazar, 86 in Sankhu and 10 in a children’s home in Khudunabari, Jhapa. There are 9 people in ‘day care’ in Khudunabari. She has also run two primary schools named Junkiri for those children. 122 children study in Junkiri and 102 children in Khudunabari in Sankhu.

National Awards and Recognition
She has bagged many national awards like Lilaram Kuntidevi Neupane Social Service Award 2014, Nayee Khara Gaurab Award 2013, Excellent Social Worker Award 2013 for her selfless work for the welfare of prisoners and their children. She honored by Universal Peace Federation as Ambassador for Peace 2013, Navatalash Struggling Women Award 2012, Social Development Award 2012, Navadevi Shakti Award, National “SajhaAbhibhabak” and many more awards at the national level.

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