Voting Process. How to Vote or stamp Swastik in ballot Matadan Patra. If the ballot paper is not properly swastika marked, the vote will be invalid. The problem of spoiling the vote is seen in every election. Earlier, in the local level election of 2074 BS, about 50,000 votes were cast in the Kathmandu Valley. In that election, only 30,000 votes were cast in Kathmandu Metropolitan City.

The Election Commission has been emphasizing voter education on correct voting to reduce the number of invalid votes. Arrangements have been made to conduct voter education program through voter information booth at the polling station in the election and voter education directory and local level election directory under the election campaign and voter education program for local level member election.

How To Vote Correctly in Ballot Paper Matpatra Swastik Chhap Stamp Process

  1. When going to the polls, the voter should be informed that he/she should take the voter identity card or other identity card specified by the commission.
  2. Provide the following information to the voters about the method of voting with the swastika stamp on the ballot paper:
  3. Voting should be done by indicating the vote on the seven election symbols on the ballot paper,
  4. In one of the election symbols of the candidate for the post of Chief or Chairman in the first vertical wave
  5. In one of the election symbols of the candidate for the post of Deputy Chief or Vice President in the second vertical wave
  6. In one of the election symbols of the candidate for the post of ward chairperson in the third vertical wave
  7. In one of the election symbols of the female member candidate in the fourth vertical wave
  8. In one of the election symbols of the candidate for the post of Dalit women member in the fifth vertical wave
  9. Candidates for the two member posts in the sixth and seventh vertical rows should be stamped separately on one of the two election symbols.
  10. In this way, for each post, the votes should be indicated in such a way that it falls within the room where the symbols of the seven candidates are chosen.
  11. The swastika stamp placed next to the secret ballot box should indicate the vote in the room marked with the symbol of the candidate of your choice.
  12. After marking the ballot on the ballot paper, the ballot paper should be folded well and dropped in the ballot box.
  13. The voter then has to go out of the designated place and route.

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