Nepal Police Schools job vacancy Notice. Nepal Police School Teacher job vacancy notice. school institutions published teacher job vacancy notices, the teacher wanted notices for various subject faculty teachers. Teacher Job Vacancy in Nepal Police Schools, Academy & other schools.

Police School Job Vacancy notice. School Teacher Job Vacancy Notice Details of various schools. Nepal Police School, Belchautara, Tanahun is looking for young, dynamic, motivated and passionate individual who believe in learning and growth in an experiential and progressive teaching learning platform for the following positions.

Nepal Police School Teacher Wanted Vacancy Notice- Teacher Jobs Nepal

Nepal Police School, Shantipur, Chitwan Career Opportunity notice. Nepal Police School Santipur, Chitwan, one of nine academic programs in Nepal being executed through the Nepal Police Welfare Fund to provide “better schooling for ideal citizen” offering unique features of learning with a great emphasis on core values and dedication required for the holistic development of students, is seeking competent, energetic, self-motivated, and enthusiastic teachers for the following posts to join its team on contract basis:

Vacancy Details: Subject Teachers for

1. Math Teacher- 2
For Basic Level -1
For Secondary Level- 1
2. Social Studies Teacher- 1
For Secondary Level- 1
3. Science Teacher- 2
For Basic Level -1
For Secondary Level- 1

Minimum Bachelor’s Degree for secondary level and 10+2/ intermediate for basic level passed with at least 50% in relevant major subjects.
(Needless to say, higher academic qualifications and teaching license will add more value).
Nepali citizen below 40 years.

Other Specification:
Basic knowledge and skill in ICT and Fluency in spoken and written English and Nepali
Teacher training and work experience will be preferred Pleasing personality with a positive attitude Dedicated and professional ethics.

How to Apply:
Interested eligible candidates who are in search of developing a stable professional career may apply along with a cover letter stating the position, an updated CV with a photograph, and a full contact detail through or can drop the documents at the school administration during the office hour by 17 hrs. 15, Chaitra 2079.

Only short-listed candidates will be called for the selection process. Nepal Police School, Shantipur, Bharatpur-14, Chitwan Contact: 9855019090, Website:

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What are the Benefits of Being Teacher?- Benefits of Teacher Professional

1. Opportunity to build the future
The teacher has such a rare opportunity that he can build the future of the society and the nation through small children. Children are the future of any country. The country of tomorrow is the culture, civilization and power of today’s children. The subject, civilization and culture that the teacher gives to the students today will determine the future hundreds of years. Hundreds of years pass tomorrow. Tomorrow’s time is in today’s children, but his future is in today’s teachers. That is, tomorrow’s time is in the hands of today’s teacher.

The responsibilities of a teacher are not easy, but it is a great opportunity. It is not a small thing to be able to lead the ideological, ideological or cultural future of the nation of tomorrow. This is not a small opportunity. This cannot be done by a job seeker. Jagire is a person who spends time. He is very narrow, narrow. You just have to do the assigned work and leave when the time comes. But, the teacher cannot and will not do that, because he has to be active all the time.

Working children are also limited, home is also limited. Duties and facilities are also limited. But, he who is above the job is above all. The teacher should see all the children as his own children, he should get up at night and do some work. Even when you come home, you have to remember the activities and activities of the school.

The subject he teaches determines what a person will be like. The teacher has to think about his future, his work, his thinking, the culture and the skills he will create. So, it’s more than a job. That is why it is said that teaching is not just a job, it is a profession beyond that. Looking at it in this way, it becomes clear how important, serious and sensitive responsibility a teacher has to fulfill.

The responsibilities of a teacher are not easy, but it is a great opportunity. It is not a small thing to be able to lead the ideological, ideological or cultural future of the nation of tomorrow.
From the policy-making level to the level of implementation, the child is taught by the teacher to do what he or she teaches. In every work of the state, the teacher, his instructions and thoughts are reflected. Therefore, as teachers, we can build the future of the nation, delegating our ideas, thoughts and aspirations to the children.

2. Opportunity to update knowledge
There is no greater power in the world than knowledge, but that knowledge is dynamic. Every moment, every moment, there are different changes, in many ways. Knowing, understanding, knowing all these changes is knowledge. That knowledge is not possible without study, contemplation, meditation and practice.

Children are not always satisfied with the same information. They have to look to the teacher for timely knowledge. For that, the teacher has to constantly learn, know and read. Only by doing this, the students get new knowledge and information and the teacher also gets the opportunity to be accurate and agile in knowledge. This is called knowledge update. People in other professions may also know new things, but they do not know, because it is not necessary to teach them, it is not even in their priority, it is not necessary as a teacher. You teach the teacher, for that he must study. By doing this, his knowledge will be agile, accurate and up-to-date.

A teacher who is up to date with the latest information has no problem teaching. Everyone praises such a teacher and the teacher also gets the opportunity to advance the teaching work with enthusiasm. Being constantly updated on knowledge is another strength of the teaching profession.

3. Relationships with the wider community
Another thing we get as teachers is the opportunity to connect with the wider community. A teacher’s lifelong work connects with thousands of students, thousands of parents, hundreds of teaching colleagues, staff, education-related individuals, organizations, and hundreds of other people. His relationship with all of them develops. This relationship is not a small opportunity. Where people in other professions can find such a relationship 1 This relationship supports, supports and inspires us in many stages of life.

Tomorrow, when the teaching profession is over, it will be time for us to play an additional role in other state bodies based on this relationship. There are examples of how many teachers have been involved in politics, social work or other similar philanthropic work even after retirement. There are examples of teachers leading in many bodies of our country. This is possible because of the relationships and contacts we have with the vast community and people we teach.

Relationships are not trivial, but respectful. Most of the people in the community to which the teacher is associated look up to the teacher with respect and dignity. When the opportunity for other social leadership comes after the service, there is a need for a respected and distinguished person and for that there is no other worthy person than the teacher. Therefore, when you are a teacher, you get to interact with the vast community, you get to connect and you get opportunities.

4. Opportunity for exchange of interest
While teaching, we are also exchanging our interests. Our children know what we are like, what we think, what we want, what society should be like, what students should be like. Our thoughts and ideas are not valued, valued, or valued by adults as much as valued, or valued by younger children. We are also transferring our interests and desires through small children. Not only that, we have the opportunity to understand the interests, desires, aspirations and moods of the hundreds of children we teach. This opportunity is not well received by people of other professions. Only after understanding the interests of the children can we get the interests of the child society and even the knowledge of child psychology.

5. Ideal building campaign
If there is anything left in our society today called Adarsh, it is a little bit in school, it may not be any different than it is only in people with professions related to education and teaching. Society is the name of the ideal and man is also the name of the ideal. The ideal is to live together in society, to be supportive, to support in sorrow, not to do injustice, not to be immoral. If no one pays attention to these things then what is the meaning of human society and should it be saved or not?

The ideal is safer in school than in other professions, the ideal is safer in teachers. To teach in school is to teach the ideal. To teach ideals is to make them social, to make children humane and to make them philanthropic. There is less chance of corruption in schools. However, going to class late, leaving early, not checking homework on time, smoking in school, smoking, sleeping in the classroom, talking unnecessarily also fall under the category of corruption. If a teacher has such a tendency, his conduct is proved to be corrupt.

However, not all teachers are like that. At times, however, corruption in other professions, exploitation of state resources, etc., is not so terrible. Even if there is a possibility of financial corruption in the school, it happens at the level of the principal or at the level of the chairperson or director. This is almost not the case at the teacher level. As the teacher himself is a creature who teaches morality and ideals, he does not try to be immoral as much as possible, he tries to save the ideals and wants to be respected. The thought that it should be shown even by talking is more in the teachers than in others. Therefore, being a teacher means living a moral life, becoming an ideal and helping in the campaign of ideal building.

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