PMEP Prime Minister Employment Program Berojgar Rojgar Application Open for all. Pradhan Mantri Rojgar Karyakram Berojgar Application. Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security, Prime Minister’s Employment Program Notice to register to be listed in the list of unemployed persons.

This information has been published for the Nepali citizens who have fulfilled the criteria specified to guarantee the right of employment to every Nepali citizen to apply for 2079/080 in the ward office within Falgun Months 2078, where they are permanently residing or at the local level employment service center as per Rule 7 of the Right to Employment Rules, 2075.

Pradhan Mantri Rojgar Karyakram Berojgar Application Open for All

All the criteria & Eligibility for Prime Minister Employment Program 2078/79 are given below. All the Provisions regarding registration of unemployed persons.

The final list of unemployed persons will be maintained only after the local level enters the personal details of the unemployed persons in the employment management information system of the Prime Minister’s Employment Program.

Who Are Eligible for Rojgar KaryakramProvision regarding registration of unemployed persons

  1. Must be in the age group of 18 to 59 years.
  2. Not to be involved in employment for at least one hundred days in the same financial year till the date of application.
  3. In case of self-employed person, the income should be less than the minimum wage specified by the Government of Nepal (Rs. 57,700 / – in the current Fiscal Year) as per the minimum 100 days of employment received in the same Fiscal Year by the date of application.
  4. Listing process of PMEP Pradhanmantri Rojgar Karyakram
  5. (A) The ward office should scrutinize the duly received application and prove that it has fulfilled all the criteria for being declared unemployed.
  6. (B) The local board of directors should further investigate the certified application and recommend the final list of unemployed persons for approval from the village executive / municipal executive.
  7. (C) The executive should approve the final list of unemployed persons with additional modifications if necessary.

For More Details: Please Contact: 01-4200477, Email: “Minimum Employment – Citizens’ Rights”