Nurse Jobs in the UK for Nepalese Citizens. Nurse Job Apply for the UK. UK agrees to bring in nursing manpower from Nepal. Both countries have agreed to establish labor relations between Nepal and the United Kingdom.
During the talks held in Kathmandu between the officials of the two countries, it was agreed to send health manpower (nurses) from Nepal and the UK to provide them employment opportunities.

According to the Ministry of Labor, talks between representatives of the UK’s Department of Health Services and the National Health Service and representatives of the Government of Nepal agreed to provide employment to Nepali workers in the UK.

Nurse Jobs in UK Nurse Job Visa Application for Nepalese Nurse by UK

It has been agreed to sign a labor memorandum by next March (Falgun- Chaitra). He informed that the meeting agreed to expedite the issue of the transfer of nursing workers from Nepal to the UK.

The ministry has stated that the modality of taking Nepali workers has not been decided yet. There are different levels of nursing manpower in Nepal. The UK will provide employment opportunities to Nepali nursing manpower under the National Health Services.

Nurse Job Worker Status in Nepal- Nurse Health Worker in Nepal

The UK is preparing to take around 10,000 nursing manpower from Nepal. According to the Nepal Nursing Association, 66,000 nurses have been produced in Nepal so far. Of these, 25,000 are abroad and 9,000 nurses are in government service.

The UK has announced plans to recruit 100,000 health workers from the South Asian region.

Nurse Salary in Uk- Nepali Nurse Salary in UK

Nurse Salary in the UK is around $5000 to $8000. In the case of Nepalese Nursing Health Workers, the UK will pay around NRS 6 to 8 Lakhs. In Recent Data- Nurse Job Salary in Per Hour Basis is Euro 17 to Euro 25.

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