Check Nepal Election Result Update 2079. Chunab Natija Result Check 2079 Nepal. Pratinidhi Sabha Pradesh Sabha Chunab Election Result check. The Election commission said voting was peaceful in most of the all areas across the country. About 61 percent said they had voted in the elections. The commission said that the turnout in the Nepal elections was lower than expected due to the high turnout. The commission has stated that only 61 percent of the votes have been cast in Kathmandu.

Preliminary estimates put the turnout at 61 percent. In the election held in 2074 BS after the implementation of the federal structure, 74 percent of the voters had cast their votes. According to Chief Commissioner , counting of votes start from Monday night only in some localities and from Tuesday morning in some other localities.

How to Check Nepal Election Result 2079- Chunab Result 2022 Check Now

  1. Vote Election Result Chunab Result update will be found on various news portal websites & apps: Hamropatro Apps, &
  2. Go To Apps play store & download Hamropatro apps to view election chunab results quickly & fastly.
  3. Similarly, open your web browsers and enter, or
  4. In, the election Chunab results in the layout sample are given below.

Vote Election Result Nepal 2079 2022 Live Update Chunab Natija Result 2079 2022 Live Update

Nepal Election Result 2079 Update data. Vote Result Nepal 2079 Live. Pratinidhi Sabha & Pradesh Sabha Chunab Result 2079.

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Government Official Website to View Election Vote Result of Nepal 2079 Pratinidhi Sabha & Pradesh Sabha Chunab

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Rabi Lamichhane Vote Result Live Update- Chitwan 2 Vote Result Live Check Now

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