Rabi Lamichhane Vote Result Live. Check Rabi Lamichhane Election Result Now. In this region Chitwan 2, Umesh Shrestha of Nepali Congress, and Krishna Bhakta Pekhrel of UML are competing from the ruling alliance along with National Independent Party leader Ravi Lamichhane.

Chitwan-2 is one of the few constituencies that everyone is watching with great interest in this year’s parliamentary elections. Rabi Lamichhane, who left journalism and jumped into politics, is trying his luck in parliamentary politics for the first time from here.

The total number of voters in Chitwan-2 is 1,24,215/-. The Total number of votes cast in Chitwan-2 is 84,315/- in the voting held on Sunday Mangsir 4, 2079.

Rabi Lamichhane Vote Result Live Chitwan 2 Election Result Vote Result Live Update

Vote Live Update- Voting Update Result Live

S.No.Candidates Name DetailsVotes Received
1Rabi Lamichhane – Ra Swo Pa (Ghanti)49261– Win
2Umesh Shrestha- NC (Rukh)15099
3Krishna Bhakta Pokhrel – CPN UML (Surya)14649
4Amrit Tamang- Ha Ne Pa29
5Mustafa Ali- Ja Sa Pa6
6Rabin Adhikari- Ra Pra Pa25
Chitwan-2 Vote Result Update Live…….Updating……..
  • Total Number of Voters in Chitwan 2 – 1,24,215/-
  • Total Number of Female Voters in Chitwan 2– 74,743/-
  • Total Number of Male Voters in Chitwan 2– 69,539/-
  • Number of Vote Cast in Chitwan 2– 84,315/-

Analysts predict a huge vote share for the Rastriya Swotantra party in the proportional representation elections, ranking the third largest party after the Nepali Congress and the CPN-UML. In the rest of the places, candidates of the ruling Nepali Congress-led and the opposition CPN-UML-led alliances are ahead of other candidates.