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Lok Sewa Aayog Tayari updates the question-answer paper. All the old question-answer paper of lok sewa aayog exam are given below. Important Question Paper for Lok Sewa Aayog Vacancy Exam.

Section Officer Sakha Dhikrit Question 2074 2077 2079

1. “The state of being physically healthy” means:
A) Strength
B) Joy
C) The state of being handsome
D) fitness
2. A person officially chosen by an organization to investigate a problem and on it is known as
A) Reporter
B) Journalist
C) Rapporteur
D) Judge
3. Which of the following word would mean “to deal successfully though with difficulty”?
A) to surmount
B) to succeed
C) to resolve
D) to defeat

4. The word for “too closely linked to be separated” is known as:
A) attraction
B) inseparable
C) inextricable
D) friendly
5. What do you understand by “blue blooded” ?
A) extraordinary
B) an expensive
C) from a royal or noble family
D) impossible
6. What is the synonym of ‘delusion’ ?
A) exclusion
B) imagination
C) hallucination
D) fire band
7. Which one of the following words describe an imaginative way of describing something:
A) fictional
B) illusory
C) miraculous
D) metaphorical

Section Officer Sakha Adhikrit Question 2076

Section Officer Sakha Adhikrit Question Answer Paper Old Question paper. View Sakha Adhikrit Section Officer Old Question Paper Collection.

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