Nirwachan Kendra Matadan Election Center Karmachari Bibaran. The office of the chief electoral Officer published the employee’s staff details of Nirwacahan Election Matdan Kendra Center of Chitwan, Tanahun & Bara Districts Upa Nirwachan. Upa Nirwachan Kshetra Karmachari detail name lists. All the Matadan Adhikrit, sahayak matadan adhikrit, Sahayak karmachari, Sahayogi Karmachari name details are loading below.

Details of the staff to be deployed in the polling station for the Pratinidhi Sabha Parliament Member election to be held on 2080 Baisakh 10. Please click on the link below to view and share this information with all your friends.

Matadan Kendra Polling Station Nirwachan kendra Karmachari Staff Details- Polling Station wise details

Matadan Adhikrit, Sahayak Matadan Adhikrit, Sahayak Karmachari, Sahayogi Karmachari Name List details of Nirwachan Matadan Kendra. All the name list details are given below. Nirwachan Kshetra Election Area Karmachari Lists.

Chitwan Nirwachan Voting Election Area No. 2 Nirwachan Kshetra No 2 Matadan Karmachari Employee Name Lists

Tanahun Election Area Kshetra Matadan Karmachari Employee Name Lists

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Bara Election Nirwachan Matadan Karmachari Employee Name Lists

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Matadan Karmachari Details- Matadan Kendra Staff details

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Online Matadata Parichaya Patra Checking Process

Matadan kendra Voting Center Details of All over Nepal

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