Nepal Army published the vacancy posts for Prabidhik technical officer vacancy.Nepal Army Sena recently published the job vacancy notice for Doctors & Staff Nurse. Previously Nepal Army also published vacancy notices for various posts and Levels. All Health, Medical, Pilot, Technician, Pandit, sahayogi , mechanics, and many more posts. All the vacancy details are given below.

Nepal Army Nepali Sena Job Vacancy Notice for various technical Officer posts. All the Nepal Army job vacancy details.

Nepal Army Job Vacancy post details: Doctor Staff Nurse Job Vacancy Post

  1. Pra Da U se Job
  2. Pra U Se Mbbs Doctor/ Dentist/ Pharmacist & all health service
  3. Pra U Se Engineering/ Mechanical & Technical Posts
  4. Pra U Se Information Technology
  5. Pra U se Pilot & Avaiation Post jobs
  6. Accountant post job

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  1. Accountant Officer Upa Senani
  2. Prada Upa Senani
  3. Librarian Upa Senani
  4. Prabidhik Upa Senani Video Grapher
  5. Electric & Electronics Engineer
  6. Mechanical Engineer Vacany
  7. Automobile Engineer
  8. Electronics Engineer
  9. Bio Medical Engineer Job
  10. Doctor MBBS Job Upa Senani
  11. Dentist Doctor vacancy
  12. Army Sainik Upacharika
  13. Medical Dental Technician
  14. Aurdiologist job vacancy
  15. Optometrist Job vacancy
  16. Pharmacy Bachelor in Pharma jobs
  17. Pilot job vacancy
  18. Engineer A & C job
  19. Engineer Avionics jobs

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India lies to the South of the Tarai. The river Mechi flowing from North to South is the Eastern border and the river Mahakali makes up the Western border of Nepal. Nepal was once much more extensive and included the present-day Indian Kumaun and Gadhwal and all the hill country West to the river Sutlej.Land and People

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