The Government of Gandaki Province, Health Ministry published the job vacancy notice for Dhaulagiri Hospital. Dhaulagiri Hospital Gandaki Pradesh job vacancy notice details. Dhaulagiri Hospital Baglung Notice regarding Staffing Requirements.

Dhaulagiri Hospital Baglung Vacancy notice has been published to interested Nepalese citizens who have qualified for the following terms and conditions, as they have to take the service contract as per the details for this hospital.

Apply along with 2 copies of passport-size photographs taken recently and one/one certified copy of your educational qualification certificate, experience or training received. Bring all the certificates submitted along with the application form to the interview.

Age: Completed 18 years and not more than 45 years (up to the last date of application)
Salary: As per the rules of the Nepal Government / State Government, the contract will always be as per contract agreement.
JOB Application Fee: Rs.1200/- for new level Rs.1000/- for seventh and eighth level
Last date of application: 2079/10/12 till 4 pm
Contact Date: 13th Magh 2079
Service period till the end of Asadh 2080.
Type of Exam: Interview.
Interview Date: To be specified on contact date
Place of receipt of application form- Dhaulagiri Hospital Baglung, Administration Branch
Documents to be submitted: Copy of the certificate registered with the council.
Copy of Nepali Citizenship Certificate.
Copy of Certificate of Qualification, Experience Copy of certificate.

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