Free Skill Technical Training Application Open for All. Baideshik Rojgar Foreign Employment Skill Free Training course conducted in various districts and areas. The Government of Nepal, Ministry of Employment and Social Security, Foreign Employment Board Secretariat Information related to foreign employment skill development training.

Aluminium Fabricator Training, Scaffolding Training, Tyle Marble Fixture Training, Welder Training, Electrician Training, Front Office Assistant Training, Garment Machine Operator Training, House Keeping Attendant Training, House Painter Training, Junior Furniture Maker Training, Kitchen Helper Training, Masson Training, Plumber Training, Security Guard Training, Shuttering Carpentry Training, Steel Fixture Training & Waiter Training were conducted by the given training academy and institutions.

A short-term (160 hours) foreign employment-related skill development training program will be conducted in the following 17 subjects through various educational institutions (affiliated with the Technical Education and Vocational Training Council) from this Foreign Employment Board Secretariat. This notice has been published to keep in touch with the relevant training institutions.

All the skill-free training list details are given below. Please contact given below training academy or institute to take free skill technical training.

  1. Aluminium Fabricator Training
  2. Scaffolding Training
  3. Tyle Marble Fixture Training
  4. Welder Training
  5. Electrician Training
  6. Front Office Assistant Training
  7. Garment Machine Operator Training
  8. House Keeping Attendant Training
  1. House Painter Training
  2. Junior Furniture Maker Training
  3. Kitchen Helper Training
  4. Masson Training
  5. Plumber Training
  6. Security Guard Training
  7. Shuttering Carpentry Training
  8. Steel Fixture Training
  9. Waiter Training

Interested Nepalese citizens are requested to contact the given above address to take free skill technical training.

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