The Government of Nepal published the Policy & program details for the fiscal year 2079 2080. Nepal Sarkar Niti Karyakram 2079 2080. Full details of the Government Policy & Program are loaded below.Nepal aims to achieve the goal of sustainable development and reach middle-income countries by 2087. Nepal will be upgraded from least developed country in 2026. A concrete plan will be implemented to manage the impact of the upgrade.

Economic growth and stability will be achieved through the combination of finance and monetary policy. By promoting agriculture, transport, energy, tourism, and information technology as the vehicle of economic growth, a thriving economy will be built through special programs of economic recovery. Inflation will be kept within the required limits.

Periodic elections of democratic institutions have been challenging. Despite all doubts and misgivings, the government is satisfied with the smooth conduct of local elections. The enthusiastic participation of all political parties and forces in this process of local elections has established a common ownership in the constitution and political system of Nepal.

The Government of Nepal Policy & Program for Fiscal Year 2079/ 2080

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