The National Examination Board (NEB) has decided to complete all the work related to the results of the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) of class 10 by Shrawan 15. The board is preparing to give the results in the hands of the students by Shrawan 15 after completing the final internal assessment of the students by the school, its records in the district coordination unit and all the necessary work from the board.

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The board has passed the procedure required for the evaluation of students on Sunday. It is preparing to make it public by Monday. After that, the final internal evaluation of the student will be done by the school on the basis of the same procedure.

The school deadline is Ashad 20
The board has given a deadline of Ashadh 20 to complete all the internal assessment of the students. The school is scheduled to submit all the final records of the student to the district coordination unit within 20 days.
Even if the school conducts the final internal assessment of the student, the work of publishing the result of the student, issuing the certificate etc. will be done by the National Examination Board.

Five members in the evaluation committee
This time the board has made the internal subject assessment of the students a little different and made the main subject teachers responsible.
Accordingly, a five-member committee will be formed in the school to make the final assessment of the students.
The final evaluation of the student will be certified by the evaluation committee of five persons including the school principal, senior teacher, English, mathematics and science teacher in the committee.

Overvalued mark ledger return
The board has also made a clear provision on how to give marks on the basis of the first, second and final examinations of the students. In order to reduce last year’s complaints of over-evaluation of students, the board has made a provision to open the reasons for over-evaluation this time. Provision has been made in the examination procedure to return the assessment in case of disagreement.