Nagarik Uddyayan Pradhikaran Badhuwa Promotion Result Update. Civil Aviation Authority Nepal (CAAN) Nepal Nagarik Uddyayan Pradhikaran published the final results of various vacancy posts written examinations. All the exam results final details of Nagarik Uddyayan Pradhikaran ( CAAN) are given below. In 1957, the Department of Civil Aviation was formally established under the then Ministry of Work, Communications and Transport of the Government of Nepal. The statutory regulations regarding civil aviation were introduced under the Civil Aviation Act, 1959 (2015 BS). Nepal obtained the membership of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in 1960.

The Government of Nepal introduced its first ever Civil Aviation Policy in 2050 B.S. (1993 A.D.). This policy made the provision of transformation of Department of Civil Aviation into an autonomous Civil Aviation Authority. Accordingly, Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) was established as an autonomous regulatory body on 31 December 1998 under Civil Aviation Act, 1996. CAAN is the regulator of civil aviation as well as the service provider in the areas of Air Navigation Services and Aerodrome Operations.

Civil Aviation Authority Nepal (CAAN) Nepal Nagarik Uddyayan Pradhikaran Published the results of vacancy posts of Officer level to assistant level. Various Non Technical & Technical vacancy posts results of CAAN.

CAAN Nagarik Uddyayan Pradhikaran Written exam result & Interview Notice

CAAN Nagarik Uddyayan Pradhikaran Vacancy Exam Result & Interview Notice of Various License Training

Interview Starts From: 2079 Magh 02 (8:00Am)

Previous result notice of Nagarik Uddyayan Pradhikaran

CAAN Basic ARFF Course 013 Physical Fitness Result published

Civil Aviation Academy of Nepal (CAA) came to being in 1974, under the reinforcement program of UNDP/ICAO project Nep74/004. CATC began its operation in 1976 under the joint collaboration of the International Civil Aviation Organization, International Telecommunication Union (ITU), UNDP, Tribhuvan University (TU) and the then His Majesty’s Government of Nepal. CATC was transformed into Civil Aviation Academy (CAA) with the simultaneous transformation of the then Department of Civil Aviation into Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) on 31 December 1998.

CAA is primarily an ATO (Approved Training Organization) dedicated to producing air traffic controllers to meet the organizational and industry demand of the country.

Nepal being member of international civil aviation organization (ICAO) since 1960 is committed to the ICAO conventions and 19 annexes developed under the convention. One of the annexes out of 19 is annex-1 personal licensing Appendix-2 requires those training organizations conducting training courses leading to license shall be approved by the licensing authority of state and it also has stipulated the requirements for training organizations to be an ATO.

Nagarik Uddyayan Pradhikaran CAAN Promotion Badhuwa Result Civil Aviation Authority

Pursuant to the standards of ICAO annex-1 Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has developed Approved Training Organization Certification Manual part-1 (ATS) 2014. Under the requirement of ATO certification manual, CAAN Approved Training and Procedure Manual (TPM) of CAA in September 2015 and certified CAA as an Approved Training Organization (ATO) for ATS.

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