Tribhuwan University (TU) recently published an important notice regarding the online exam form. Important Information from Tribhuvan University Examination Control Office, Balkhu Graduate Level First Year Examiners, and Related Campuses. To solve the problems seen in the online system in the pre-published information to fill the examination application form of the first-year candidates of undergraduate level.

  1. Due to an error during the opening of online excess according to the registration number of some partial and occasional examinees, the said forms can be filled without a registration number.
  2. In case of candidates who have not maintained the registration number for the year 2019, the concerned campus has to fill the online form with the registration form and required certificate and double fee and must get the registration number within the time of distribution of admission card. Otherwise, the candidates whose registration number is not maintained will not be involved in the examination.
  1. Private (Partial and Opportunity Examiners) can also fill up the examination application form online by uploading the recently taken passport size photo along with the voucher deposited in the account of the concerned.
  2. When it comes to getting admission, private candidates must submit two copies of the uploaded photo along with the examination application form and the proof of remittance through gross bank voucher or other means.
  3. All the examinees and campuses will have to fill up the entire application form by mid-June.
  4. As it is seen that some campuses are yet to send the practical marks of the annual examination of the third year of graduation to this office, it is mandatory to contact the concerned secret branch by Jestha Last 2078 BS. Otherwise, the results of such candidates will be declared absent.

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