Education Center CEHRD published notice regarding teacher saruwa ( Teacher transfer) open. Since the transfer of teachers from outside the district has been stopped by this center, it is requested for the information of all concerned regarding the arrangement of transfer of teachers subject to the basis and conditions of the details.

Teacher Transfer Shikshak Saruwa Fukuwa Open Notice by Shiksha Kendra CEHRD

Shiskhak Saruwa Teacher Transfer Terms & Details:
(A) The Education Development and Coordination Unit may transfer from one local level to another within the district only after receiving the report that the concerned local level has completed the job matching.
District level and inter-local level transfers will not be available in the local levels which have not been reconciled.
(B) For the permanent post, the post recommended in the Teacher Service Commission cannot be filled by transferring inter-district and inter-local level.
(C) If there is a need to fill the vacancy in the vacant post of teacher in the school under the local level, the number recommended for permanent filling before transfer should not be affected and the appointment should not be made as per the recommendation.

(D) Teachers at the local level who have their own bridges (whose posts have been reduced) cannot be transferred to the posts of teachers at the local level.
(E) In case of mutual transfer, transfer can be done as per the rules on the recommendation of the concerned school management committee and local level only if the subject and level agree.
(F) The Education Development and Coordination Unit shall be required to submit the details of the transferred teachers to this center on a fortnightly basis.

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