Center of Education & Human Resource Development (CEHRD), Sanothimi, Bhaktapur published the notice regarding school education , Mitsubishi Asian Children Enikki Fest & various school education activities of local level. Bidyalaya Shiksha Suchana School education notices for education unit, local level & schools are published in Gorkhapatra daily news.

All the important notices of school education notices (Bidyalaya Shiksha Suchana) are given below.

  1. Mitsubishi Asian Children Enikki Festival Application
  2. Notice for All education unit, local level & Schools by CDC
  3. Writing Lekh Rachana for Shaikshik Smarika Educational Smarika
  4. Free Book distribution for Student Notice
  5. Uses of Books & Curriculum notice by CDC
  6. Admission notice for academic year 2078 for all schools
  7. Educational TV Radio Program Broadcast Notices

Mitsubishi Asian Children’s Enikki Festa Application Notice by Education Center

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In view of the rapidly developing and expanding educational sector of the country, the Department of Education has been established as the body to effectively implement and monitor the policies, plans and programs run by the Ministry of Education. The background of the establishment of the department was the need for meaningful implementation by continuing the programs run under the Basic and Primary Education Project and the Secondary Education Development Project.

Nepal Government Gazette published on 9 May 2056 the basic and primary education and secondary education project continued to provide development projects and programs that the Regional Education Directorate, former District Education offices to be activated to make school education more effective in the educational system of the Ministry of Education vibhagaka Has been formed.