Batas Agro Pvt Ltd published a job vacancy notice for Agro Agriculture Company. Vacancy open for Nepali citizens under 45 years of age with healthy body for Batas Agro Multipurpose Agriculture Project. All the job vacancy notice details are given below.

Agriculture Job Vacancy Details: Batas Agro Pvt Ltd
(A) Gandharba family: – No. 3,
(B) Bishwakarma Family: – No. 1,
(C) Darji family: – No. 1,
(D) Sharki family: – No. 1,
(E) Gurung, Magar family: – No. 1,
(F) Brahmin family: – No. 1,
(G) Kshetri Parivar: – No. 1,
(H) Newar family: – No. 1
Post: Farmer Family Number: 10 (Mr., Mrs.)
Work: Agriculture and Animal Husbandry
Location: Annapurna Gaonpalika, Bhayar Chaur, Ward no. – 2 Kaski
Area under cultivation: 200 ropanis
Monthly Salary: Rs. 32000/- (per family)

Insurance facility:
a. Accident insurance equal to Rs 7 lakh,
b. 300,000 worth of medical treatment insurance,
c. Natural term life insurance equal to 330,000
Additional Service features:
1 Jersey cow, 10 pairs of chickens, 1 bhote dog, 1 cat, 2 pairs of ducks, 10 goats, 3 bee hives, 5 pairs of pigeons, 1 ropani for their daily vegetable production and 3 ropani of land for paddy production, bedset Quilts, pillows, sheets, curtains, etc., TV, fridge, drawer, table, chair, all necessary dishes for kitchen, cup, spoon, bio gas connection, micro oven stove, pressure cooker, plate, bowl, spoon, too, Dandu, glass, chuck chopping board, plastic bata, steel bata, diuri tapke, tea net, bucket, umbrella, raincoat, gumboot, torch light, mobile (SIM as well as monthly minimum fee) etc.

Special Benefit:
The company will invest 50 percent for the purchase of motorcycles only for the employees who drive motorcycles and get the license certificate and the remaining minimum interest installment facility, motorcycle tax and insurance facility.
Partnership Recognition:
60 percent of the income earned from animal husbandry comes from farming families and 80 percent from Batas Agro Pvt. Ltd. Distribution and insurance facility for all animals and birds from Batas Agro.
Contact US: BATAS AGRO PVT. LTD Contact: – Bhakt Karki, Mobile no. 9801935010 Email:

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