The Government of Nepal has presented a budget of Rs. 16 Kharba 47 Arba 57 Crores for the Fiscal Year 2078/79. Finance Minister Bishnu Prasad Poudel presented the budget on Jestha 15, 2078. All important Program Facts questions for Lok Sewa Aayog regarding Nepal Budget 2078/79 are given below.

As per the budget, the federal government has allocated Rs. 6 kharba 78 Arba 61 Crores for recurrent expenditure. This is 41.2 percent of the total budget. Similarly, Rs. 3 kharba 47 Arba has been allocated for capital. That is 22.7 percent of the total budget. Accordingly, Rs. 2 kharba 7 Arba 97 corer has been allocated for financial management. This is 12.6 percent of the total budget.

The government has increased the salaries of government employees by Rs 2,000 per month. In the budget of the Fiscal Year 2078/79, it has been announced that the salary of the civil service employees has been increased by Rs. 2,000 per month with effect from Shrawan 1. View Previous Government Salary Scale

Important Key Feature of Nepal Budget 2078/2079 (2021/2022)

  1. Economic growth and inflation are projected at 6.5 percent
  2. Social security allowance increased by 33 percent, old age allowance reached 4,000
  3. A loan of up to Rs. 2.5 million at 5 percent interest rate will be provided to the youth
  4. Government employees will be given 10 days travel leave and private employees will be encouraged
  5. Up to 50 percent discount on electricity tariff for the duration of the injunction
  6. Convenience to oxygen industry
  7. 4 billion for purchase of covid equipment
  8. The old age allowance has reached 4,000
  9. Employee salary increased by 2,000
  10. 700,000 accident insurance for journalists
  11. 1 percent interest for students to buy a laptop
  12. 2.5 million loans on the security of educational certificate
  13. To make Nepal self-sufficient in rice within 5 years
  14. Light vehicles running on petroleum products will be replaced by electric vehicles by 2088
  15. The salary of teachers and staff of the child development center has reached Rs 15,000
  16. Feasibility study of uranium in Mustang.
  17. A mobile device management system will be brought into operation from July 20.
  18. The ration allowance of security personnel has been increased to 15 percent
  19. The salaries of all civil servants have been increased by Rs 2,000, with accident insurance of Rs 1 million and health insurance of Rs 1 lakh.

Nepal Budget 2077 2078 (2021/2022) full Details information

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