Lok Sewa Aayog recently published the notice regarding vacant posts of various Sangathit Sanstha & Suraksha Sanstha. Public Service Commission notice for Security Bodies and Organized Institutions Division. Information regarding sending the details of the posts to be filled to the organized organizations

All the organizations have been informed in advance to amend the rules and regulations related to the conditions of service of the employees of the organizations, in accordance with the law on promotion and general principles of departmental action, 2074.
Various Government Owned Bank, Corporation, Authorities & Committees are requested to provide vacant details of various posts.

The format of the form for sending the details of the posts to be filled is kept on the website of the Commission www.psc.gov.np. If you want to know more in this regard, call the Commission. Please contact 014771320. These details can also be sent to gulmelinpg@gmail.com or rajusatyal@gmail.com for scheduling.