Lok sewa aayog recently published the written examination center of Anusandhan Sahayak & Sahayak Suchak posts of Rastriya Anusandhan Bivag. Anusandhan Sahayak (Investigator Assistant) Sahayak Suchak ( Assistant Indicator) written exam center details of all place lok sewa office published below by lok sewa aayog.

All the Anusandhan Sahayak & Sahayak Suchak Exam Center details which is published by lok sewa aayog are given below.
Exam Date of: Anusandhan Sahayak – 2078/06/02 Time: 3:00 Pm
Exam Date of: Sahayak Suchak
First Paper -2078/06/03 Time: 1:00 Pm
Second Paper -2078/06/03- Time: 3:00 Pm

Anusandhan Sahayak & Sahayak Suchak Exam Center details Dhankuta Lok Sewa

All the remain lok sewa aayog office exam center details of Rastriya Anusandhan Bivag Exam are published soon.

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Note-Important for Examiner of Sahayak Suchak
1. As you will not be included in the examination without the admission card, you will have to arrive at the examination building 1 hour and 30 minutes before the examination is conducted.
2. Admission tickets will not be distributed from the examination building.
3. Only black ink pen / dot pen should be used in the answer script.
4. Mobile phones and other electronic devices are prohibited in the examination hall.
5. When answering material multiple choice questions (A, B, C, D in Capital Letter) should be written.
6. Candidates must bring a certificate of citizenship or voter identity card or a driver’s license or a certificate issued by a government office.

In the special case of Covid 19 Pandemic, according to the criteria related to the examination (operation and management), 2077, the examinee will have to fully follow the subjects mentioned in the details.
(1) Before entering the examination center, the candidate himself should make at least Max, Sanitizer and compulsory arrangement of drinking water for himself.
(2) Candidates should maintain a distance of two meters at the entrance and exit of the examination center without crowding.
(3) The instructions given by the manpower deployed in the examination should be fully followed.
(4) When entering, exiting and using the toilet, the candidates should go to the designated place by maintaining distance without crowding.
(5) The examinee shall cut the remaining blank space of the answer sheet by himself and shall submit the answer sheet by counting.