Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) published the present economic status of Nepal including COVID 19 affects. COVID 19 & Nepalese Economy. All details of Nepalese Economic Status. Current Macroeconomic & Financial status report of Nepal.

Current Macroeconomic and Financial Situation- Nepali (Based on Nine Months Data of 2076/77)

Major Highlights
1 Inflation remained 6.74 percent on y-o-y basis and 6.53 percent on average during nine
2 Imports decreased 7.5 percent and exports increased 12.9 percent.
3 Remittances decreased 4.0 percent.
4 Balance of Payments remained at a surplus of Rs.36.61 billion.
5 Gross foreign exchange reserves stood at Rs.1155.90 billion. This level of reserve is
sufficient to cover the prospective merchandise and services imports for 9.5 months.
6 Federal Government spending based on banking transactions amounted to Rs.638.01 billion
and revenue collection Rs.590.76 billion.
7 Broad money (M2) expanded 8.9 percent. On y-o-y basis, M2 expanded 15.3 percent.
8 Deposits at Banks and Financial Institutions expanded 9.7 percent and bank credit to the
private sector expanded 11.5 percent. On y-o-y basis, deposits increased 16.9 percent and
credit 14.3 percent.

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