EPS Topik Korea Language Exam Test Application Open for All. Korea Language Test Exam for Manufacture Utpadan group Open. EPS topik language test online application is open. Eoers.epsnepal.gov.np job apply from home. The Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security, Foreign Employment Department, EPS (EPS) Korea Branch of Gwarko, Lalitpur Very Important Notice Regarding Filling Application Form for Korean Language Test (EPS-TOPIK).

According to the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) concluded between the Government of Nepal, the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security and the Ministry of Labor and Employment of the Republic of Korea, the Korean language is used to select candidates for sending Nepali citizens to the Republic of Korea as manufacturing workers under the Employment Permit System (EPS).

Regarding the conduct of the examination, this notice has been requested from the eligible Nepali citizens who are interested in joining the examination program received from the HRD Service of Korea to register the application form based on the following details.

eoers.epsnepal.gov.np Online Apply Korea Topik EPS exam

Application registration date: 2080 Poush 02 Monday to Poush 06 Friday ( 2023 December 18 to December 22)
Total Numbers of Demand Numbers: 15848 Numbers
Application Registration Process: Exam application form online at https://eoers.epsnepal.gov.np You just have to fill it.

c) Documents required for registration of application:
When filling the application form, the applicant has to upload a JPG Image file (Width 600 pixels, Up to 100KB) scanned in color of the passport photo page (bio page).
Applicants must mention their email address and mobile number while filling the application form.
MRP with both ears visible in the application form drawn after 3 months. You have to scan and upload a colored photo of size 100-300 pixels, File Type: Only JPG Up to 15KB size, with white background, showing upper chest, not wearing white clothes.

Korean EPS TOPIK Bhasa Language Exam Routine Manufacture Utpadan Korean Bhasa Pariksha Exam Routine

  1. Date of Exam :-
    a) Language Test (EPS-TOPIK, UBT Language Test, 1″ Round):
    A. Manufacturing Sector:-
  2. Detailed information regarding the exam date will be published on 2080 Magh 22 Monday ( 2024 Feb 05)
  3. Note- Examination will be conducted in 4 shifts in one day. The examination schedule may be changed based on the number of applicants. If the number of applicants is more, the examination will be conducted in two stages, first and second.
  4. b) Skill Test (2nd Round):-
    Result of language test (EPS-TOPIK, UBT Language Test) will be published after publication.
  5. Note – Among those who have passed in the relevant field in the language test (EPS-TOPIK Language Test, 1st Round), only the applicants who have obtained the highest marks will be included in the skill test (Skill Test and Competency Test, 2nd Round).

Korean Bhasa Language EPS- TOPIK Test of Proficiency in Korean Eligibility to apply for EPS-TOPIK

Area of ​​Application:- Manufacturing Sector
A) The final result will be published to be listed in the roster among those who have obtained the maximum marks based on the marks obtained in EPS-TOPIK Language Test, Skill Test and Competency Test. (Re: Request for information from HRD Service of Korea that the estimated number of passers will be 15,848.)
b) Candidates who passed the EPS-TOPIK Language Test, passed the second stage of Skill Test and Competency Test and passed the health test only after the job application form

Eligibility of Applicant:-
a) Nepali citizens between the age of 18 to 39 years, i.e. the date of birth of the concerned candidate should be between 2040 Poush 4 to 2062 POush 03 ( 1983 Dec 19 to 2005 Dec 18.
b) Not having been convicted of any criminal charges.
c) Being involved in illegal activities in the Republic of Korea or staying illegally and not being sent back from Korea.
d) Stayed in Korea on E-9 and E-10 visas for less than five years.
e) Color Blindness, Color weakness Disk & Finger Amputation.
f) Not applying for EPS-TOPIK exam within the year 2023.

Korean Language Bhasa Test EPS-TOPIK questions Korean Language Bhasa Exam Question Model

EPS Topik Korea Language Test System & Marking System
Reading- 20 Questions-
Listening- 20 Questions
Full Marks 100
Time: 50 Minutes

Exam Conducting :-
UBT Building will be conducted in Shift system at Bhaisepati. than joining the exam. 1 day prior to the EPS office, Gwarko should do Biometric Registration and reach the examination building 2 hours before the examination on the day of the examination.

Examination Fee :
The examination fee will be US$28 (twenty-eight) (USD 28). Nepali rupees can be paid only through online payment providers, which will be calculated according to the exchange rate set by Nepal Rastra Bank for the day before the day on which the applicant is to register the form. Payment arrangements will be visible in https://eoers.epsnepal.gov.np system at the stage of filling the form.

EPS-TOPIK will be based on objective multiple choice evaluation and there will be no intermediate between Reading and Listening test, it will be continuous.

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Industries & Subcategories Applicants can choose one of the following subcategories under Manufacture. (1) assemble (2) measure, (3) join
Passing the Korean language test means being listed on the roster to join the employment selection process, not a 100% guarantee of employment.