The Inland Revenue Department, which has been honoring outstanding taxpayers, has honored outstanding taxpayers in 16 categories this year. According to the department, the highest income tax was paid by Nepal Telecommunications Company Nepal Telecom in the previous financial year. 16 highest tax payers honored, telecom highest income tax payer. The government has honored the taxpayers who pay the most taxes.

Finance Minister Dr. Prakasharan Mahat honored today.Tax payers were honored on the occasion of the conclusion of National Tax Day 2080. The Internal Revenue Department has been honoring the best taxpayers every year.

Similarly, Dabur Nepal from export business, Asian Paints from special industries, OBC Foods Pvt. Ltd. from agriculture and livestock industry, Chhemek Lagufitta from cooperative and microfinance institutions, Global IME Bank from banks and financial institutions, Life Insurance Corporation from insurance business, Novel Medical College from health education sector, Mankamana Kevalkar from tourism. , Bhavteni Super Market has paid the highest tax towards commodity trading.

The Inland Revenue Department honored the organizations and individuals who have paid the highest amount of tax in their respective categories. Honored organizations and individuals will receive a special pass.

Top Highest Tax Paying Companies & Individuals -Honorable Taxpayer Companies:

16 taxpayers who pay the highest taxes.

  1. Highest Income Tax Payer Company: Nepal Telecommunications Company (Telecom)
  2. Export Business: Dabur Nepal Pvt
  3. Special Industry : Asian Paints
  4. Agriculture and Animal Products: OBC Foods Pvt
  5. Cooperatives and microfinance: Chhimek Laghubitta microfinance
  6. Banks and Financial Institutions: Global IME
  7. Insurance: Life Insurance Corporation
  8. Health and Education: Nobel Medical College Teaching Hospital
  9. Tourism: Manakamana Darshan Pvt Ltd
  10. Merchandise: Bhatbhateni Supermarket
  11. Middle level taxpayer: Nepal Stock Exchange
  12. Energy: Bhotekosi Power Company
  13. Remittance : IME Limited
  14. Personal Income: Vijaya Kumar Shah
  15. Highest Amount of Tax paying including Incom Tax: Surya Nepal Pvt Ltd (Institutional) Paying the highest amount of tax including income tax, VAT and submitting bills on time (it was awarded in two categories)
  16. Submitting Bills invoice on Time Company: Surya Nepal Pvt ltd.

Similarly, Nepal Stock Exchange, Bhotekosi Jalvedyut for energy industry, IME Remittance for remittances have paid the most taxes from the turnover of 500 million to 1 billion. Vijayakumar Shah has paid the highest amount of personal tax this year. According to the Department, Surya Nepal Pvt.

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