SEE Exam yearly routine exam routine detail published by National Examination Board NEB. SEE Barshik Karyatalika Yearly Calendar. This year’s SEE will be held from the first week of Chaitra. The National Board of Examinations, Office of the Controller of Examinations (Class-10) has decided to conduct the SEE Chaitra from the first week of the academic session 2080.

Announcing the annual schedule, the office said that the Class 10th Secondary Education Examination will be conducted from the first week of Chaitra and the results will be announced in the second week of 2081 Asadh.

According to the schedule published by the office, publish the exam schedule in the first week of January, print and distribute class 9 registration and class 10 exam application forms by the middle of Kartik, fill the registration of class 9 and class 10 exam application forms by the middle of Mangsir, by the middle of Kartik 2079 The registration form will be entered.

Class 10 SEE Exam Routine 2080 2081 Neb Exam routine Result yearly routine

  • Class 9 Registration Form & Class 10 SEE Application Form Distribution: 2080 Kartik Last
  • Class 9 Registration Class 10 SEE Form Fill up: 2080 Mangsir last
  • Class 10 SEE Registration Form Engry: 2080 Kartik Last
  • Class 10 SEE Exam Start From: 2080 Chaitra First Week
  • Class 10 SEE Result: 2081 Asadh Second Week
  • Class 10 SEE Grade Increment Exam: 2081 Shrawan 3rd week

Likewise Poush 2080 class 10th application form entry, 2080 class 9th registration form entry 2081 Asadh 2081, exam schedule Magh 1st week 2080, symbol number setting Magh 1st week, exam center entry and registration up to Magh 2080 The internal/experimental issue of the year has been scheduled to be sent by Falgun mid. Supplementary examination 2081 will be conducted in the third week of Shrawan.

According to the schedule, this year the examination and re-examination of the answer book of the students will be done by Baisakh/jestha state examination center. However, in the ‘Bill to Amend and Consolidate the School Education Law’ submitted to the Parliament, it is stipulated that there will be no SEE.

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