SEE Registration Form Fill Up notice for SEE Exam 2081. National Examination Board NEB published the notice regarding SEE Exam Registration form. Class 9 Registration form fill up notice by Rastriya Pariksha Board. The Government of Nepal, National Examination Board, Examination Control Office Class 10 Sanothimi, Bhaktapur.

In the academic session 2080, the students studying regularly in the regular, traditional Sanskrit Vedvidyashram Gurukul Madrasa Gonpa and technical stream in class 9th in the academic session 2079 are required to fill the registration form within 2080 Kartik 24 to 2080 Mangsir Last to be included in the 2081 Regular Secondary Education Examination (SEE). This information has been published for the information of all students, schools, local level education division branches, education development and coordination unit, national examination board state and branch offices and education development directorate.

For ordinary, traditional and technical stream students currently studying in class 9 in schools: a) Students currently studying as regular students in class 9 including ordinary, traditional and technical stream students must have passed the annual exam of class 8 or equivalent in arithmetic system.

NEB Notice regarding filling of registration form for inclusion in Secondary Education Examination (SEE) 2080.

Class 9 Registration Form Fill up date: 2080 Kartik 24 to 2080 Mangsir Last.
SEE Registration Form: Obtained from EDCU District Office
With Double Fee: From 2080 Poush 1 to Poush 15
SEE Registration Form Fee: Regular Fee Rs 300, With Double Late Fee: Rs 600
The Revenue Rajashwo Title no: 14223

Also, in case of letter marking system (2072-2077) minimum D+ grade in compulsory subjects and grade sheet with minimum D grade in 2078, 2079 and copy of birth certificate (attested by the principal attached recent passport size photograph in school uniform at specified place within 2080 Kartik 24 to 2080 Mangsir Last Revenue must be paid.

National Examination Board, Examination Control Office (Class 10) has opened the registration form for Class 9. The office has requested the school to fill the form so that it does not matter until later when filling the student’s form.
Schools should register, arrange and verify that the name, surname, date of birth, mother, father’s name of the students studying in the school are correctly filled/not filled and it does not matter until later.

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The form can be filled from today till Mangsir Last at regular fee and till Poush 1 to Poush 15, 2080 at double fee.
According to NEB, those who have completed 8th class through alphabetic system or have passed the equivalent annual examination can fill the form.

  • Students from 2072 to 2077 have to submit their Great Sheet and Birth Certificate in compulsory subjects with minimum D Plus grade and minimum D grade in 2078 & 2079. Schools should be able to submit the form to the relevant education development and coordination unit along with the name, date of birth, and parent’s name of the students who are studying regularly in their school.
  • The education development and coordination unit will send the details with the registration number to the relevant education development directorate and related schools. In addition, the said details will also be provided to the concerned municipality on a school basis.
  • While filling the registration form, the student should only mention the school in which he/she is studying regularly. If found to be filled by more than one school / district / place, both sides of the form will be automatically cancelled.
  • Do not do the filling of double registration and if you do it later, the examination will be canceled and the person who did it will be responsible for the institution itself.
  • As mentioned in the registration form, the space for keeping the 12-digit registration number should be kept blank and Exam Controller Office. After receiving the registration number from the Education Development and Coordination Unit, the school will be provided with half-boards.
  • The registration form will be available from the concerned education and coordination unit. If the registration form is not available for any reason, the school can download and use it from the Examination Control Office Class 10 website or the National Examination Board website

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Information and information related to this can be obtained from the website of the National Examination Board, the website of the Examination Control Office Class 10 or the website of the relevant Education Development Directorate. Also, if there is any ambiguity regarding the information, it can be clarified by contacting the Examination Control Office Class 10 at 01-6630819.