Bini Syllabus Bidyalaya Nirikshak nirikshan Service syllabus pathyakram. Shiksha Sewa BiNi New Update Syllabus by public service Commission. Shiksha Officer Adhikrit. Syllabus of open competitive examination for gazetted third class posts under Nepal Education Service, Education Administration Group, Inspection, English, Nepali, Sanskrit, Science, Mathematics, Social Education, Physical Education and Vocational Education sub-groups.

Bini Bidyalaya Nirikshak Shiksha Adhikrit Officer Syllabus course plan is divided into two phases: First Phase & Second Phase Examination of Bini. Written Examination, Group Test & Interview Phase are included in examinaiton scheme for Bini Bidyalaya Nirikshak.

First Phase :-
Written Examination- Integer :- 300
Second phase :- 
(a) Group Test  – Integer :- 10
(b) Interview- Integer :- 40

Examination Scheme:
First Paper: Written Examination – Integer- 300
General Subject: General Awareness & General Reasoning Test
Second Paper: General Technical Subject
Third Paper: Service-Group Specific Subject
Second stage group test (Group Test) and interview (Interview)

1. The medium of written examination will be Nepali or English or both Nepali and English. 
2.The subject matter of the first and second papers will be the same (common) and compulsory for all sub-groups under the above-mentioned education administration group. But the tertiary subject varies according to the subgroup concerned It will be different. 
3. The written examination of the first, second and third papers will be conducted separately.
4. 20 points for each wrong answer if the objective multiple choice questions are answered incorrectly. A percentage will be calculated. But if the answer is not given, no objection will be given and the limb will not be amputated. 

5. No type of calculator can be used in the exam with multiple choice questions.
6. In case of thematic questions, one long question of specified marks or two or more parts of a single question (Two or more parts of a single question) or two or more comments under one question. (Short notes) can be asked.
7. In case of thematic questions in the second paper, there will be separate answer sheets for each section. The examinee should write the answers to the questions of each section in the answer book of that section.

Bini Syllabus Bidyalaya Nirikshak Syllabus Shiksha Officer Adhikrit Pahykram- First Paper

Part (1): General Awareness (60Marks)
General Awareness and Contemporary Issues (30 x1 Mark = 30 Marks)
1.1 Physical, socio-cultural and economic geography and demography of Nepal
1.2 Major natural resources of Nepal
1.3 Geographical diversity, climatic conditions, and livelihood & lifestyle of people
1.4 Notable events and personalities, social, cultural and economic conditions in modern history of Nepal
1.5 Current periodical plan of Nepal
1.6 Information on sustainable development, environment, pollution, climate change, biodiversity, science and technology
1.7 Nepal’s international affairs and general information on the UNO, SAARC & BIMSTEC
1.8 The Constitution of Nepal (From Part 1 to 5 and Schedules)
1.9 Governance system and Government (Federal, Provincial and Local)
1.10 Provisions of civil service act and regulation relating to constitution of civil service, organisational structure, posts of service, fulfillment of vacancy and code of conduct
1.11 Functional scope of public services
1.12 Public Service Charter
1.13 Concept, objective and importance of public policy
1.14 Fundamentals of management planning, organizing, directing, controlling. coordinating, decision making, motivation and leadership
1.15 Government planning, budgeting and accounting system
1.16 Major events and current affairs of national and international importance

Part II- Education in Nepal (30 x1 Mark = 30Marks)
2.1 Educational history and major educational events in Nepal
2.2 Major plans, commissions in the field of Nepalese education: Nepal National Education Planning Commission – 2011; National Education System Plan – 2028; National Education Commission – 2049
2.3 Education related agencies
2.4 Meaning, definition, aims, functions and delivery systems of education
2.5 Education and society: education and social process, education and social justice
2.6 Relation between education and philosophy (western & eastern philosophies)
2.7 Concept, importance and elements of curriculum
2.8 School level curriculum and evaluation system in Nepal
2.9 Curriculum development process in Nepal: School level and local level curriculum
2.10 Education from global perspective: Education for All (EFA), Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

Part (II): General Ability Test (40 Marks)
General Reasoning Test- (40 x1 Mark = 40 Marks)
3.1 Logical Reasoning (14×1 Mark = 14 Marks)
Verbal Ability, Alphanumeric Series, Reasoning Analogies, Classification, Coding-Decoding, Order & Ranking, Distance & Directions, Analytical and Logical Reasoning, Assertion and Reason, Statement and Conclusion, Input- Output, Venn- diagram
3.2 Numerical Reasoning (14×1 Mark = 14 Marks)
Arithmetic Series, Analogy, Classification, Arithmetical Reasoning, Fraction. Percentage, Ratio, Average, Profit & Loss, Time & Work, Date & Calender, Data Sufficiency. Data Interpretation & Data Verification
3.3 Spatial Reasoning (12×1 Mark = 12 Marks)
Figure Series, Figure Analogy. Figure Classification, Figure Matrix, Pattern Completion, Embedded Images, Image Formation & Analysis, Mirror and Water Images. Cubes and Dices, Paper Folding & Cutting

Bini Syllabus Bidyalaya Nirikshak Syllabus Shiksha Officer Adhikrit Pahykram- Second Paper

Bini Syllabus Bidyalaya Nirikshak Syllabus Shiksha Officer Adhikrit Pahykram- Third Paper

8. Regardless of what is written in the subject matter of the paper under this curriculum plan, the laws, acts, rules and policies in the curriculum 3 months before the date of the examination (amended or amended) It should be remembered that those who have been removed or have been amended and maintained are included in this course. 
9. Only the selected candidates from the first stage examination will be included in the second stage examination.
10. The above-mentioned service, group curriculum, which was implemented before this, has been cancelled. 11.
Syllabus Effective Date :- 2080/07/20

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