Bagmati Pradesh Scholarship Application Open for Class 11 Students and Higher Education Scholarship Application Open notices published by Pradesh Government Social Development Directorate Education for Disabled Students. Scholarship Application form fills up the information for students with disabilities studying higher education.

As per the program of Directorate of Education Development, Bagmati Pradesh, there is a program to provide scholarships for students with disabilities studying higher education in this province. This information has been published for the students studying higher education in this province to register their application within 30 days from the date of publication.

It is also requested that 13 education development and coordination units within this province Pradesh provide necessary coordination and facilitation

Scholarship Application Open for Bachelor-Level Study

  1. Scholarship Amount: Rs 25,000/- for Bachelor Level study
  2. Scholarship Amount- Admission Fee Expense & Education Fee Expense for Class 11 or similar level

1.Copy of the previous year / level pass / grade sheet
2.Campus Admission Proof (Campus Admission Receipt and Campus Letter)
3.A letter from the campus certifying him as a continuous student on campus and a letter from the campus certifying that he has not received any such scholarship.
4.Certified copy from the Campus Head in the color photocopy of the disabled person’s identity card and color in the case of opening the category on the basis of color.
5.As the scholarship amount will be credited to the bank account of the student concerned, a copy of the check of the bank having the account must be submitted (the copy of the check should be clearly understood as an account number)
6.Copy of Nepali citizenship certificate
7.Relevant student’s photo and mobile number must be submitted

Scholarship Application Open for After SEE Level Class 11 or similar level Study

Log on to the website of this Directorate and click on Online application and fill the online form.

=> Click Here to Apply for Scholarship Application

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