NRB Nepal Rastra Bank published a notice regarding Nagarik Bachat patra Citizens saving bonds Baideshik Rojgar Bachatpatra. Foreign Employment Saving Bons. Nepal Rastra Bank, Department of Monetary Management, Kathmandu notice Information regarding issuance of Foreign Employment Savings Certificate 2084.

As the Department of Monetary Management on behalf of the Government of Nepal will issue the Foreign Employment Savings Certificate 2084 by maintaining the following characteristics and arrangements, Nepali citizens and non-resident Nepalis involved in foreign employment are requested to apply for the purchase of savings certificates.

Baideshik Rojgar Nagarik Bachat Patra Citizens Saving Bonds NRB OBSS.NRB.Org.Np Apply Now

NRB Nepal Rastra Bank Nagarik Bachat Patra Saving Bonds Features Details

  • Name of Savings Certificate: Foreign Employment Savings Certificate 2084 (5 years).
  • Amount to be evicted: Rs. 50,00,00,000.- (only Rs. 50 crore per letter).
  • Annual interest rate: 12.50 percent (interest taxable).
  • Interest payment: to be made in 6 months.
  • Purchase Limit: Minimum ten thousand rupees and maximum Rs. Divide by ten thousand to the amount called to go to the remaining part.
  • Investor (Purchaser): This Savings Certificate is issued by a Nepali citizen or non-resident Nepali who is engaged in employment abroad or less than 6 months after returning from employment abroad. Can be purchased in name.
  • Debt related facility: This savings certificate can be used to take / give loan from banks and financial institutions.

Apply Nagarik Bachat Patra Baideshik Rojgar Bachat Patra Saving Bonds NRB Rastra Bank

Sale, eviction and capital payment
(A) Opening period for sale: Jestha 18, 2079 to Asadh 06, 2079
(B) Expulsion date: Asadh 13, 2079.
Arrangements for payment of interest (a) Interest Savings Certificate received in 6 months to be paid by the purchaser himself or through the desired person.
To be done

How To Apply Online:
Application Form Procedure to submit Foreign Employment Savings Certificate by the interested buyer under Monetary Management under this Bank’s website
According to the online application process at URLILink: https:/, the application for a savings certificate can be filled through the online system.
=> Click Here To Apply Nagarik Bachat Patra Rastra Bank 12.5% Interest

Application URL/Link:
Landing Page or Home Page
As soon as the applicant clicks the given link, the following notice appears. The notice
displays all the information regarding Citizen Saving Bond (CSB) that has been issued. The
information contains serial number, maturity period, offered amount, interest rate, application
opening date, application closing date, issue date, maturity date and date of publication of
notice. In order to apply for the bond, the applicant must click on Apply button, which
redirects the applicant to login page.

User Registration – The applicant must then, click on Register New Account for the online registration of the application. If the applicant has already registered, the applicant can simply login to proceed ahead. The online registration page is shown below:

a) The applicant must duly fill all the information of the registration form.
b) All the information must be filled in the default language (English). But the Applicant’s
Name (Devnagari) must be filled in Nepali Unicode.
c) The applicant must first select User Type during registration. The applicant can select
any of the following User Type:
i. Normal : If the applicant wishes to apply individually.
ii. Minor : If the applicant wishes to apply on behalf of the minor.
iii. Joint Or/And: If more than one applicant wishes to apply together.
d) If the applicant selects User Type Minor, then the applicant must fill in the nominee’s
details after the information of the minor is filled.
e) If the applicant selects User Type Joint Or/And, the applicant must fill in the details of
all the custodian by using Manage CSB Users of the account.

  1. Apply CSB
    Once the registration is complete, the main page of the account of the applicant is displayed.
    This page displays all the information that the applicant has filled and also the notice
    regarding CSB that has been offered. The applicant can click on Apply button to apply CSB
    through this online account.
    a) Click on Apply button on the notice. The following page appears:

=> View Full Guideline Process Method to Apply Nagarik Bachat Patra NRB

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