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What is meant by civil service? Mention the characteristics of civil service.

‘Distributor of Democracy: Civil Service’
The service of professional employees of non-military character selected on the basis of a qualification system is called civil service. The Persian word civil service is the closest statutory administrative mechanism to government. The service provider organization established by the government to make public management effective and to provide effective service to the general public is called civil service.

Article 243 of the Constitution of Nepal states that “Civil Service shall not be defined as a service post of the Army or the Nepal Police or the Armed Police Force of Nepal as a service post of the Government of Nepal.” This service, which has taken a leap towards modernity after the promulgation of the Civil Service Act in 2013, is also known as permanent government. Currently, this service is being operated as per the Civil Service Act 2049 and Rules 2050.

Characteristics of Civil Service Nijamati Sewa Features

  • An important administrative organ of government,
  • Services of a permanent and legal nature,
  • Permanent staff and based on a quality system,
  • having the services and conditions prescribed by law,
  • Civilian or non-military service,
  • Neutral and impartial service,
  • Service apart from politics,
  • Based on the qualification system,
  • Having a certain type of position,
  • Salary-guaranteed service.

Involvement and participation of the civil service in all the activities of the government. Today, there is a need to make the civil service people-oriented, dynamic and service-friendly as it is an institution with a relationship from the people to the government.

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Q. What are the objectives of the United Nations? Mention it.
Ans =>> The United Nations (UN) Founded on October 24, 1945. The United Nations has the following objectives:
A. Maintaining international peace and security,
B. To develop friendly relations between nations,
C. To create a state of equality among nations,
D. Encouraging international cooperation,
E. To enhance human dignity and value,
F. Protecting the human community from the ravages of war.
Q. What are the five features of the Constitution of Nepal? Mention it.
Ans=>> The constitutions of Nepal Implemented from 3rd Ashwin, 2072 BS
The following are the five features of Nepal’s constitution with hundreds of features.
D.Independent, impartial and competent judiciary,
E.Periodic elections.
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