Free Technical Skill Training Opportunity open by Pradesh Government. Computer Hardware Training, Dhaka Bunai Sewing, Plumbing, Basic Clothes Sewing & Bag Sewing free training application open by Gandaki Pradesh Byabasyaik Tatha Sip Bikash Talim Kendra. All the notice applications regarding details are given below.

Free Technical Skill Training – Nishulka Sip Bikash Talim Application open by Pradesh Government
Education Qualification: Class 8 Passed for Training no 1 to 7, Class 12 passed for Montessori, SEE Passed for Computer Hardware
Age: 18 years to 40 Years

Free Nisulka Skill Training Talim Application Open by Pradesh Government

  1. Basic Aadharbhut Silai Katai Sewing Training
  2. Mobile Repair Training
  3. Hair Beauty Parlour
  4. Plumbing
  5. Electricity Training
  6. Sailon Hair Cutting Training
  7. Motorcycle repair Training
  8. Montessori Training
  9. Computer Hardware
  10. Fashion Desing

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Free Technical Skill Training Application Open for All- Pradesh Free Skill Technical Training

  1. Computer Hardware Training- 3 months- 390 Hours Training
  2. Dhaka Bunai sewing Training- 3 months- 390 Hours Training
  3. Plumbing Training- 3 Months- 390 Hours Training
  4. Basic Aadharbhut Katai Silai Sewing Training- 3 Months- 390 Hours Training
  5. Bag Sewing Jhola Bunai Training- 3 Months 390 Hours Training

Last Date to Apply: 2078 Poush 6
Education Qualification For Training– Class 8 Passed & SEE Passed for Computer Hardware
Documents to be submit: Application form with Citizenship Copy, Education certificate
For Age group: 18 Years to 40 Years
Application Form: Download from