Class 11 Grade Briddhi Increment & Partial Exam Application Form Open Notice. National Examination Board ( Rastriya Pariksha Board) Class 11 Class 12 published exam application form fill up notice. Class 11 Exam Application form open for partial and grade increment examiners. National Examination Board Examination Control Office (Class 11 and 12) Information regarding filling up of examination application form for the partial grade promotion candidates of class 11.

Class 11 Partial & Grade Increment Exam Application Form

Important Note for Examiner Class 11:
1. Candidates who have studied in class 11 and are moving towards alphabetical system (first two digits of registration number 74 or 75 or 76) should get C or below grade in any subject and join the grade promotion examination (without academic certificate) and partial candidates (first two digits of registration number). Students who have passed 70 or 71 or 72 or 73 and have not been able to pass any subject so far have to verify their results from the Board.

2. It is also requested to fill the examination application form as per the details.
3. Exam application fee (without delay fee) per student is Rs. 600 / – (six hundred) including late fee of Rs. 1200 / – (one thousand two hundred) will have to be deposited in the account of National Examination Board.
4. When the school sends the examination application form to the students, it will have to send the number based on the year and registration number.
5. Grade promotion. Partial candidates will have to appear for the examination from the designated examination center. Examination centers will not change.

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