The government of Nepal published a scholarship application notice regarding various subjects & faculty. Thailand and Malaysia Online Foreign Training Scholarship Application Demand for Nepali government employees. The Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration has called for applications for online foreign training scholarships.

Online Foreign Training Scholarships provided by the Governments of Thailand and Malaysia to the Civil Service employees of the Government of Nepal. All the scholarship Subjects Topics & Faculty details are given by Thailand & Malaysia governments are given below.

Scholarship Subjects/ Topics/ Faculty details:
1. Sufficiency Economy for Community Sustainability
2. Sufficiency Economy Philosophy (SEP) in Community Based Development (CBD)
3. Low Carbon Scenario Development: Water Management Under Crisis Situation
4. English Proficiency for Middle-Level Officials
5. Digital Tools to Develop Basic English Language Proficiency
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Applications are requested from the Ministry or its affiliated bodies or branch officers working at the local level or similar and above. Interested and authorized employees have been asked to submit the details to the Ministry by Baisakh 20 with updated personal details.

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