Government of Nepal Launched a Nagarik App Mobile Application to facilitate public service delivery. The government has launched a Nagarik App to provide all government services. It is said that government services can be availed at home through Nagarik App. On 2077 Magh 2, Friday, Minister for Communications and Information Technology Parbat Gurung unveiled the Nagarik App through a regular press conference.

How To Use Nagarik App to get Government Service at Home

It is said that 9 services are currently included in the citizen app. The Citizen app is said to end the hassle of citizens having to submit details like citizenship, passport, company registration, an educational certificate to get government services. In particular, it is possible to get a permanent account number (PAN) by entering the citizenship number in the app.
TO Use Nagarik App Service You Need to Provide one of the Details :
1. Your own Mobile Number- To Verify
2. Citizenship (Nagarikta) Number, DOB & Issue Date
3. Passport Number and DOB
4. Voter Card Details
5. Company Registration Details

Which Service or Facility Can we get from Nagarik App

Government services for the Public Facility integrated with the Nagarik app are:
1. PAN Registration
2. Social Security Fund (Samajik Surakshya Kosh)
3. Local Government Information (Like Nagarpalika, Gaupalika)
4. Educational Documents
5. Nagarik Lagani Kosh (Citizen Investment Trust)
6. Sanchaya Kosh (Employees Provident Fund)
7. Lok Sewa
8. Company Registration
9. Passport (MRP)
10. Driving License
11. Wealth document
12. Employment

Saying that the service recipients are having trouble in the government service, the citizen app has been brought to cover all the government services for the convenience of the service. Minister for Communications and Information Technology Parbat Gurung informed that the citizen app will bring government services in the hands of the people. He said that this app will also help the government’s concept of Digital Nepal.

Similarly, the Ministry of Communications has stated that one can avail the services of applying for one’s educational details, citizen investment fund, savings fund, social security fund, citizenship, passport and voter identity card through the citizen app. The government has stated that the citizen app will not have to go to government offices for public service as much as possible. It is expected to save time of the citizens as well as reduce hassles, save expenses and help in reducing corruption by increasing transparency.

The ministry has stated that all the services provided by the local government to the citizens from the center will be provided through this app. You will need to use the app from the mobile number in your name.

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