The Government of Nepal, Bhansar Bivag ( Customs Department) recently published the new syllabus & model questions of Bhansar Agent ( Customs Agent). New Update Syllabus of Bhansar Agent (Customs Agent). All the Update Syllabus of Bhansar Agent license exam are given below.

Government of Nepal, Ministry of Finance, Customs department
Course of written examination of customs agent (Bhansar Agent)
Section 1: International Trade and Customs Procedure (Issue 40)
1.1 Information regarding declaration form.
1.2 Information regarding documents required for export and import.
1.3 Provisions related to customs valuation of goods.
1.4 Provisions related to classification of goods and harmonized system.
1.5 Provisions related to declaration of goods.
1.6 Information on incoterms used in international trade.
1.7 Provisions related to bonded warehouse.
1.8 Provision for export and import of goods on cash deposit.
1.9 Provisions related to customs agents in Nepal.
1.10 Provisions related to payment system in international trade.
1.11 Provisions related to Exim code.
1.12 Provisions relating to South Asian Free Trade Agreement (SAFTA).
1.13 Provisions related to Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) on goods exported from Nepal.
1.14 General information regarding Nepal National One Door System.

Section 2: Information on the Law of Nepal (Issue 30)
2.1 Constitution of Nepal
2.2 Notice of the Ministry of Finance on 2077/02/15 regarding the Customs Act, 2064 and the Customs Rules, 2064 and the goods that passengers can bring and carry with them.
2.3 Financial Act, 2077
2.4 Notice of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies dated 2076-03-02 regarding the Export-Import (Control) Act, 2013 and the Control of Export-Import
2.5 Value Added Tax Act, 2052 and Value Added Tax Rules, 2053
2.6 Excise Act, 2058 and Excise Rules, 2059
2.7 Revenue Leakage (Research and Control) Act, 2052 and Revenue Leakage (Research and Control Rules, 2070)

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