Teacher’s Guide Book ( Shikshak Nirdeshika Books) of Social Studies Subject Class 9 and 10. This teacher guides book published by the Curriculum Development Center, Sanothimi Bhaktapur. All Pdf files of Teacher guides are provided below.

The teacher-led lessons showed a lot of different structures: some teachers used rather frontal methods like conferences, others used group work and group research exercises. Some teachers took into consideration the language skills of the students, while others did not.

Detailed teacher guides can help. The structure of a guide can facilitate a different learning environment. At Bridge, through teacher guides, we have been able to “mix it up” more in the context of a typical lesson – moving away from lectures, and moving towards varied, evidence-based pedagogical strategies.
Take maths, for example. Instead of a teacher endlessly talking about a problem, our maths lessons (through our guides) are much more dynamic. Structured, but dynamic.

Teacher Guides Book ( Shikshak Nirdeshika Book) Class 10 Social Studies.

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