Lok Sewa Aayog recently published the notice regarding the exam center change of Nepal Police Service. Police Inspector (Nepal Police) Examination Center changed by Lok Sewa Aayog.

All the New Exam Center Details of Nepal Police Inspector Service Exams Are given below.
Exam Start date: 2077 Mangsir 28 to Mangsir 30
Exam Time: 1:00 PM

Rules to be followed by the examinees
1.You have to arrive at the examination center 1 (one) hour before the start of the examination.
2.Admission card and original certificate of Nepali citizenship or identity card with photo issued by the Government of Nepal will not be included in the examination.
3.It is forbidden to carry bags, mobile phones and other electronic devices in the examination building.
4.Only black ink pen / dot pen should be used in the exam.
5.Before entering the examination center, you have to wear sanitizer and bring sanitizer and drinking water for your own purposes.
6.When entering the examination center, using the toilet and leaving the examination center, a distance of two meters should be maintained.
7.The instructions given by the manpower deployed in the examination should be followed completely.
8.The blank space in the answer sheet should be cut and counted.
9.Self-declaration regarding covid infection. Infected candidates
You will not be allowed to enter the examination center.