How much fare has decreased in which route within Bagmati province? (with list). Gadi Bhada Bus Fare Vada Micro Vada Price Rate Lists. Public Vehicle Sarbajanik Gadi Fare Bhada Vada Price detail Lists. Bagmati pradesh government has reduced the fare of public vehicles running within the state. This time the price has decreased according to the provision that the price of oil has to be adjusted after the price of oil has decreased by 5 percent.

The new fare rates have come into effect after the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Transport of Bagmati province published it in the gazette.

The fare of public passenger vehicles operating within Kathmandu Valley has decreased by 5.9 percent. Earlier, a minimum fare of 20 rupees had to be paid upon boarding a public passenger vehicle running within the Kathmandu Valley. Now the minimum fare will be 19 rupees.

According to this, instead of 27 rupees within the valley, up to 10 kilometers, instead of 27 rupees, up to 15 kilometers, instead of 32 rupees, 30 rupees, up to 15 kilometers, instead of 35 rupees, 33 rupees instead of 20 kilometers, instead of 40 rupees, the fare has been maintained.

Similarly, the fare rate of public vehicles operating outside the Kathmandu Valley and within the province has decreased by 4.18 percent. Similarly, the fare of freight vehicles running within the province has decreased by 5.69 percent.

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