Sayapatri Hydropower IPO Result Check Now. check Sayapatri Hydro IPO Result. Sayapatri Hydropower’s IPO will be distributed early morning. The IPO issued by Sayapatri Hydropower Limited from 13th to 17th July will be distributed on Tuesday. According to sales manager NIVL S Capital, Hydropower’s IPO is scheduled to be distributed at 10 am on Tuesday. Distribution will be done by round robin. 67 thousand 58 lucky people will get shares at the rate of 10 shares through the rounding system. 6 of those lucky people will get 1 share each.

In Hydropower’s IPO, out of 15 lakh 23 thousand 703 applications, 1 crore 72 lakh 45 thousand 80 shares worth one billion 72 crore 45 lakh 8 thousand rupees have been applied. This is 25.72 times more than the 670 thousand 586 shares allotted to the general public.

Sayapatri Hydropower IPO Result Check Sayapatri Hydro IPO Result

The company had issued 600,000 shares of Rs 100 per share for the local residents of the project-affected areas and added the remaining 121,000 shares to a total of 721,000 ordinary shares.

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As there are more applications for the company’s shares than the demand, according to the Securities Issuance and Allotment Guidelines, the shares will be distributed at a minimum rate of 10 shares through round robin. According to that, only 76 thousand 58 people will get shares. Due to this, about 1.5 million applicants who applied for the IPO of the company will be left empty handed.

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