The government of Nepal, Ministry of youths, and sports published a notice regarding Sworojgar Karja Application for youths employment. Self Employment Loan application open for all youths generation. Prosperity through labor, easy loans, self-employment to the youth, ‘Let’s work at home, not abroad, prosperous Nepal. Happiness from prosperity. Let’s participate in the national campaign of Sakhi Nepali, the basis of productive investment development.

Government Sworojgar Karja Aabedan – Self Employment Loan Application for Youth by Government

Government of Nepal Ministry of Youth and Sports, Important information to the person/group who wants to take self-employment loan from youth and small business self-employment fund.

How To Apply Sworojgar Karja Program of Government- Self Employment business Loan

The Fund has been making efforts to create a large number of self-employment opportunities by providing self-employment opportunities, mobilizing in the Prosperous Nepal Construction Campaign and expanding the youth self-employment program as a campaign.
The following programs are being conducted from the fund to make this campaign meaningful.

A. Individuals who wish to become self-employed by taking part in the above-mentioned program of the fund and taking individual collective self-employment loan have to log in to the fund’s website or download the youth self-employment mobile app of the fund and fill the online letter of intent.
B. The loan may be sanctioned as per the rules of the fund on the basis of the letter of intent thus submitted. The fund will invest in the financial management of the bank financial cooperatives approved by the fund to the group of individuals whose letter of intent has been approved.
C. The loan proposal of letter of intent that has not met the criteria and documents as per the rules of the fund shall be deemed to be automatically canceled.
D. All the rights related to approving or not approving the loan will be vested in the fund.

=> Click Here to Apply for Sworojgar Loan Karja Program
=> Click Here to View Process of Sworojgar karja Aabedan

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